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Congresslady Jean Schmidt Secretly Agrees With The Birthers, Except This One Time By Mistake She *Publicly* Agreed With The Birthers

  heroes of the birther movement


“He Kind of Snarled Back”


This week, our omnipresent eyes and ears spotted Brit Hume, Jean Schmidt, Tony Snow, Ron Paul, Elvis Costello, Katie Couric, Patrick McHenry, Hillary Clinton, and Tom DeLay, then wrote about spotting them in emails, which they sent to us. And now all those emails are posted after the ...

Gossip Roundup: Slipstream


* Heard on the Hill: Folks who drank for free at Tuesday night’s Guinness-sponsored St Patrick’s Day party were cool, but if you tried to take the free cab home, you were in violation of House Ethics rules… Post reporter wanders onto House ...

GOP Voter Suppression So Effective That GOP Candidates Can’t Even Vote



The Week In Comments


Just a very brief reminder: we are still soliciting more questions for our Anonymous Hill Staffer to answer. So if you have one, lay it on us. That out of the way, let’s look at our favorite comments from this week ...