It was 48 years ago today that Marilyn Monroe was literally sewn into a see-through gown and carried out to the stage of Madison Square Garden to serenade President John F. Kennedy for his birthday. LIFE photographer Bill Ray took this famous picture of Marilyn’s ass. And Hank Jones, the legendary jazz pianist who accompanied […]

It’s actually here, Labor Day weekend — the dreaded three days that mark the end of summer, the end of fun, the end of all things good. No more outdoor movies, beers on patios, music in the park, free museums, IT’S ALL OVER, and will be replaced by Fall, which, fine, does offer great things […]

When you, the constituent, called your local congressperson and were subsequently put on hold sometime in the last three weeks, did you notice anything… offensive? Something syncopated? Something Satan might have on his iPod, in case an attractive woman were to ever browse through said iPod? This is called “jazz” and henceforth it is banned—BANNED—from […]

The demise of Screen on the Green has left many of you distraught, contemplating death and wishing you lived in a world where outdoor movies never even existed in the first place. SUCK IT UP! Things end. It’s a recession. Worse things could have happened: you could have been tortured, Sarah Palin could be the […]

Friday, April 3: If you like Justice and Daft Punk, you might be interested in Sebastien Tellier, who also hails from France and is essential to the French dance circuit. He will be bringing his beautiful, piano-laced electro music to the 9:30 Club. 10PM. [MySpace]

Oh here’s something that’s starting in about, uh, an hour. RUN!

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 2008 as Black Music Month. I encourage all Americans to learn more about the history of black music and to enjoy […]

MUSIC  1:40 pm August 16, 2006

To Do: Destination Unknown

by Alex Pareene