Vance McAllister has allegedly kissed his own staff! Wow, way to go Stretch! No, we are joking, we know Vance McAllister didn’t finally master yoga’s forbidden Contented Dog, he was merely allegedly kissing a lady he shouldna been kissing. Yes, a kissing scandal. You probably have to go back to the first Cleveland administration to […]

Haw haw, there is a man named Nate Shinagawa and he is running for Congress if you can even believe such a thing, which these sparkling wits at WYSL cannot. Now, they don’t actually say “Me Chinese Me Play Joke” during their bit on Shinagawa’s hilarious Japanese heritage (per Right Wing Watch, he’s third generation […]

Every time a restaurant in DC opens up, your Wonkette prays that it’s not another lounge-y room with house music, small plates and overpriced drinks. Policy, on U Street, opened last Saturday — and it’s got all this and more.

In little more than a month, the glut of political insiders and media types that preside over Washington D.C. will all squeeze into a single cardboard box and be dropped from the Enola Gay onto Denver, leveling the city entirely and offering radiation cancer for generations of future re-colonizers. And to make our Washingtonian invaders […]