We have not been posting anything about the trial of Michael Dunn, the Responsible Gun Owner who shot 17-year-old Jordan Davis to death after an argument about loud music. Mostly because the story is depressing and really not funny. In November 2012, Dunn pulled into a Jacksonville, Florida, convenience store parking lot, got into an […]

A Florida man who objected to loud music coming from a parked car let his rage go to eleven, so he shot and killed one of the teens sitting in the car. Did we mention that this happened in Florida? And that the shooter is a white gun nut and the victim was a black […]

ELECT THIS MAN NOW. Mike Weinstein knows what’s up. Music + dancing + you not doing either of those things and only appearing in Ken Burns Effect-ed old photos = landslide victory. You can also download this song for free on his website! “Free of Download song,” as it says. Except clicking that just takes […]

Here’s the latest Sarah Palin KKK rally clip from today, in Jacksonville. she mentions that Barack Obama hates the American troops for killing his Moozie friends — the Afghani children. A kindly fellow in the audience yells “TREASON!” Well that makes sense if what Sarah Palin is saying is true, and when has it ever […]