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♪ It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Prison! ♪ Wonkagenda for Wed., Dec. 27, 2017

Santa Mueller has a present for Paul Manafort, Trump's cabinet is hiding from the press, and Mike Huckabee goes to the movies. Your morning news brief.

Do Republicans Hate The Trump Pee Hooker Dossier Because It’s TOO TRUE?


Nice Time! Refugee Rescue Group Comes To Aid Of Sea-Nazis After Their Hitlerboat Breaks Down

Jus' doin' good works for the Lord who loves all the little babies, including these jackass 'identitarian' ones. Also: your OPEN THREAD!

You’re All Making Princess Ivanka SO Sad! Wonkagenda for Mon., June 12, 2017

The Senate Intel Committee wants to hear from everyone, DC and Maryland are suing Trump, and Princess Ivanka has a sad. Your morning news brief!
It's like he's a genius, only the opposite of that.

You Knowed That Stuff Real Good, Donald Trump!

Hollywood Reporter's Michael Wolff profiled Donald Trump, and was amazed to meet someone more self-obsessed than Michael Wolff.

Celebrate The Feast Day Of St. Zita, Patron Saint Of Servers, By Flipping Off A Customer

Did you know today, April 27, is the feast day of St. Zita, Patron Saint of waiters and waitresses? We did not, but let us celebrate it together! Given that I'm Jewish, I had to go look up Catholic traditions...

Hillary Clinton Tricks Dumbass Republican Rep. Lynn Westmoreland Into Quitting

Boy, that Hillary Clinton is good! Not only did she trick Georgia Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, and the rest of the Republicans, into "stepping in a trap" of looking real stupid at the congressional hearing on "The Benghazi," but now she's...
Some things just never go out of style!

Fox News ‘Democrat’ Kirsten Powers: I Can’t Believe Obama Drowned Those Christians!

Fox News's token Democrat on Outnumbered, Kirsten Powers, has had just about enough of Barack Obama's silence on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. For instance, when Obama held a joint press conference Friday with Italian Prime...
of course, cavemen all died by 30

The Snake Oil Bulletin: Can The Paleo Diet Cure Autism? Why No! No It Cannot!

Howdy-doo, folks! Welcome back to your Snake Oil Bulletin, the weekly round-up of pseudoscience, nonsense, and assorted quackery this side of the Mississippi. It's been a pretty painful week so far, but with the weekend comes good news that...
And that's what Hearth's Warming Eve is all about, Zombie Brown

Derp Roundup: Zombie Baby Jesus Edition

It's a special Ho-Ho-Huh? Edition of Derp Roundup, the feature where we bring you the stories that don't quite deserve their very own posts, but are too stupid to ignore altogether. So light the candles and gather round the...

No One Is Sure What Happened When New Pope Called This Divorced Lady

Reports are sketchy and confused, but either New Pope just tossed out centuries of dogma and tradition on divorce, or somewhere in between Argentina, Italy, England and several different publications in at least three languages, somebody or several somebodies...

Around The World With Lloyd Dangle: Tea Party Lessons For The Whores Of Rome

(Rome) I just finished a perfectly-prepared sardine antipasti, caprese salad, and a plate of grilled calamari. The wine was a Pinot Grigio from the area. Nice. It's hot as hell here, but a breeze is blowing off Palatine Hill,...

Queen of Italy Michelle Obama Will Receive Free Olive Oil Forever

So we all know by now that our First Lady Michelle Obama hates Oprah and taunted her with pie, or whatever, who cares. Our FLOTUS really has no time for ridiculous accusations, because in case you haven't noticed,...

Silvio Berlusconi Offers To Rename His Party After Women’s Genitals

World's most overcompensating de facto dictator hump-monster Silvio Berlusconi made a dumb joke that he would like to rename his sagging political party Forza Gnocca, or "Go Pussy" in English, to prove his central lifelong argument that he has...