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#451607616 / You may have noticed that, apart from the supremely idiotic thoughts of the people who got America into Iraq in the first place, we haven’t been covering the terrible situation in that country much, because there is absolutely zero that’s funny about it. And there’s even less to laugh at in this […]

Nobody was all that surprised when the White House’s petition site got turned into a vehicle for silliness, like the petition calling on the U.S. Government to build its very own Death Star, or to deport Piers Morgan for not loving guns the way a real American should. And then there’s the stupid ones, like […]

With Blackwater back in the news, Yr Wonkette is pleased to bring you this review of a book written by Blackwater founder Erik Prince. This post is made possible by a generous grant from the Edward Bernays Foundation for Accuracy in Memoirs and War Reportage.  The book Civilian Warriors is Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s Song of […]

The mercenaries of Blackwater are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Why, they couldn’t stop giving bullets to a bunch of poor Iraqi civilians back in 2007, to mention just one of many, many, many incidents, and a few of them are finally standing trial for it. Now some State Department documents related to the […]

Iraq is back in the news, and so no one should be surprised, says Jon Stewart, that we’ve had another flare-up of “America’s tragedy herpe, Dick Cheney,” who’s returned like a venereal wart of sadness and fail. Fine, Dick, go ahead and “tell us how we have done everything wrong since you left office and, […]

Since they’re getting the old Iraq War band together for a Greatest Misses tour, it only stands to reason that we’d hear from the group’s publicist, Judith Miller. On Fox News Friday, Miller said that it is just SO UNFAIR for anyone to doubt the counsel of the people who were so spectacularly wrong on […]

On Thursday’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert welcomed the reunion tour of his favorite band, even though they’re all just playing the base. John McCain is absolutely right, Stephen says: in 2009, America had the war won, “when we left Iraq a peaceful, smoldering democracy.” And even the leader of the Iraq Pack, Old Dead Eyes, […]

It was only yesterday that we had to endure Dick and Liz Cheney’s Op-Ed at the Wall Street Journal. It was a quaint little trip down memory lane, reminiscing about how when Cheney was the puppetmaster of one George W. Bush, everything was the coolest because we had war all the time. The Cheneys aren’t […]

We never remember what the paywall rules are over at the Wall Street Journal, so we can’t guarantee you’ll even be able to read the the link we’re about to yell about, but once you check out the yelling, you may not actually want to read the WSJ piece. Lord knows we wish we hadn’t. […]

What have we here? Oh, just war cheerleader/criminal/former British Prime Minister Tony Blair frantically trying to wipe the Iraqi blood off his mouth and the permanent stain off his soul by penning one bazookabillion words for The Independent about how the 2003 invasion of Iraq WAS TOO a great idea and also too anything bad […]

Texas Senator and evil hosebeast John Cornyn is pretty unhappy with Barack Obama for his failure to keep Iraq out of the hands of radical militants, and wants some answers. If more and more of Iraq is falling to al Qaeda-affiliated militias, then just what the hell was that whole war for? Congratulations, Senator. We’ve […]

Jon Stewart was in full Rant Mode on Monday’s The Daily Show, driven to his swear jar by the recent revelations of patient waiting lists at Veterans Administration hospitals. The problem, he says, is that we’re really good at thanking veterans for their service, but not so great at actually providing them with the services […]

As you may have noticed, the conservative politico-media nexus has shifted focus: with Obamacare Fear no longer getting much traction, they’re back to Benghazi Outrage again. And here’s Jon Stewart to answer Fox News’s repeated question: Why aren’t Americans as outraged as Fox News knows they should be? Just maybe, says Stewart, it has something […]

If there is one thing for which we can always count on the Ole Perfesser, Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds, it is his propensity for churning out columns of such rank stupidity and willful ignorance that we wonder if all his former students might have an easily winnable class action lawsuit against him for stealing all their […]

Hey Florida! How’s it hanging? Kinda loose, and to the right of unfathomable idiot-crazy just like always maybe? Taking a cue from both Stand Your Ground and the Bush Doctrine (yes, the Bush Doctrine, just wait) Florida man William T. Woodward did the only thing he could to defend himself from imminent danger, he “snuck […]