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OMG You Guys, The Trump Administration Is Being Vaguely Sorta Kinda Mean To Russia Right Now!

Trust us, this hurts Donald Trump more than it hurts Russia.

Knock Knock, Ivanka, FBI Calling! Wonkagenda For Fri., March 2, 2018

Vanky and Jared both under SO MANY 'vestigations, panicked Ben Carson trying to give his dinette money back, and White House staffers are stuck on the Trump train.
Gonna fuck you up!



Trump Campaign Knucklefucks Only Retweeted Hottest Russian Trolls On Twitter

Turns out the Trump campaign just LOVED spreading Russian propaganda on Twitter. We are so very surprised.
Never out of style in U.S. America

Is The Dumbass You’re Fighting With In The Comments Just A Dumbass? OR IS IT A RUSSIAN DUMBASS?

Another DEEP DIVE into Russia's campaign to fuck with the 2016 election!
Still the worst

Feisty Liberal Obama Plans To Tax The Hell Out Of Rich People, For America

Now that Obama is a good president again because gas prices are low, he appears to be feeling his oats. And when Obama feels his oats, you know what happens: COMMON-SENSE PROPOSALS! For tax reforms that strengthen the middle...

Glenn Beck, Private Dick

Idiot Savant Auteur de Merde Glenn Beck presents this short Noir masterpiece about a guy named Lucky, a legless (or one-legged, because why would you check your script for consistency?) prostitute named Charlie, and a slick grifter named Sam,...

New York’s Peter King Yells ‘First!’ In GOP 2016 Comment Thread

Grumpy owl and New York congressman Peter King (R-IRA) announced this weekend that, having protected America from the Ground Zero Mosque and scary Muslims taking over America, he will now take his bigotry on the road and run for...

What’s In Your IRA? Don’t Worry, Mitt Romney Doesn’t Know Either

Oh HI, rapidly aging baby boomers! How is that retirement planning coming? From what we hear, not so hot! Perhaps if America’s baby boomers had been as smart as Mitt Romney and found a way to siphon $100,000,000 (ONE...

Fear-Mongering Toad Peter King Has Bulging Hard-On For Irish Terrorists

With his AHH, MUSLIMS! hearings scheduled to begin this week, unfortunate Congressman Peter King has allegedly received numerous death threats and angry phone calls -- more irrefutable evidence which proves Muslims are Extreme like the X Games, Q.E.D. The...