Remember that time John McCain went on all the teevees to yell about how we really needed to be having some very important classified meetings about BENGHAZI!!!!11!!1, at the exact same time some very important classified meetings about BENGHAZI!!!!!11!!1 were actually happening? Well, fool him once, won’t get fooled again, because this time he actually […]

Sen. Chuck Grassley h s an iphone, you guys.

Remember this? Well somebody must have turned very red! And then he got a little angry: White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news. The Chronicle’s Carla […]

Well, well, well, you say, look who’s rolling up into the Wonkette like he never left! ┬áThat is right, it is your Reporter of the Homosexual Menace, who has been frankly quite busy lately with his full-time gig at another pro-America website. But he is here to gloat about his organization condemn the activities of […]

Hawaii’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, James “Duke” Aiona, has a lot going for him: a cool nickname, cool hair, good looks, and years of experience as Hawaii’s lieutenant governor on his resume. But his biggest advantage against … whoever he’s running against is that he’s got a special preacher friend who can heal and anoint people, […]

Here is today’s obligatory “No Muslim Churches at Ground Zero” thing. It brings up a lot of great points (i.e. 9/11) so make sure you read it in its entirety. [RedState] Governor Paterson vetoed important sippy cup legislation. What else is there to say? New York wants to keep the sippy cup down. [Daily Intel] […]

Remember when the Obama Administration was going to undo all the attacks on civil liberties that were perpetrated under the Bush Administration? Guantanamo shut down, DOMA repealed, no more secret prisons or eavesdropping, etc. None of that has happened, obviously, but the most important institution within the executive branch — the Copyright Office — recently […]

Hours ago, it was revealed that Levi Johnston, who is BACK ON with Trig or Tapper or whichever Palin he made a baby with, now says that some things he said in the past about the Palins are not true. His sister Mercede saw this and took to her blog with the news that LEVI […]

LONELINESS  4:05 pm October 8, 2007

by Alex Pareene