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Tag: iowa

Sad Donald Trump Can’t Kill All The Wind And Solar Power Just Yet :(

Turns out Donald Trump may not be able to force everyone to work in a coal mine after all.

Guess What, Iowa Cop Killer Was ‘Troubled Loner.’ There’s A Lot Of Those!

Moody loner? Thought that described bloggers.

Confederate-Flag-Waving Suspect In Iowa Cop Murders Probably Not A Black Lives Matter Supporter

A certain community espousing anti-authority sentiments may have played a role.
Also, they're not so crazy about his followers

Donald Trump Has Only The Best, Yoogest Vote Fraud (Just Kidding It Is Weak And Sad)

Donald Trump knows how to fight rampant voting fraud -- with SELECTIVE voter fraud.

Wonkagenda: Monday, October 17, 2016

You get in here and read your news brief, RIGHT NOW!
You can always count on some dope to misspell exactly what you need

Donald Trump Very Angry Google’s Hiding All The Bad News About Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump knows the truth about Google: It's out to get him, just like everyone else.

Hillary-Haters Making Hilarious Jokes, To Tickle Our Funnybones!

We hope you don't have to pee, because you'll do it in your pants from laughing so hard!

Four Iowa Democrats Fight To Take Over Chuck Grassley’s Twitter Account: Your Senate Sunday

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is infamous for all the dumb stuff he's said on Twitter. Democrats would really like to try to help him find a better use for his time after November.

Iowa Rep. Steve King Worried Transgenders Will Make Ladies’ Armpits All Gross And Sweaty

He can smell what's coming, and PEE YEW!

Wingnuts Will Never Forgive Michelle Obama For Outlawing Bacon Sundaes In Schools

Michelle Obama, Queen First Lady of our hearts, has long cared deeply about America's obesity crisis, particularly among kids. How have right-wingers been dicks to her about it over the years? Let us count the ways. First, some quick backstory....

GOP Congressdude Wants To Chop Off Elizabeth Warren’s Balls

Know what's a Not Nice thing to say to a human lady who ain't got no boy testes? That you want to "neuter" her. It's not even scientifically accurate, #ScienceFact! But that's what some grass-chewing congressdick from Missouri named...
Ecce Pistolium

Bristol Palin Delighted By How Well Kids And Guns Play Together

Bristol Palin, the Little Flower of Uninformed Commentary, has some thoughts about an "experiment" done by a TV station -- so you know it has excellent research value! -- about kids-n-guns. Waterloo, Iowa teevee station KWWL did a little...
This is what Ted Cruz looks like when he begs for money.

If Ted Cruz Doesn’t Man Up, This Conservative Celebrity Might Slice Off His Own Balls

Steve Deace is having a sad. What, you've never heard of Steve Deace? Why, he's world-famous in Iowa, as the go-to conservative radio guy. You are simply not a Republican candidate for middle school treasurer, or U.S. president, unless and until you stop by...
Dear Editor: I have had it up to here with playing second fiddle to a bunch of stupid marshmallow horses...

Deleted Comments: Teen Savant Tells Insane Libtarted Communists, ‘YOUR SICKOS!’

Our Deleted Comments cup fairly runneth over with Derp this week, largely thanks to the efforts of one particularly verbose moron who figured out that once his account was banhammered, he could create a new one. SO CLEVER. All...

Fox News Invades PBS Debate, Begs Democrats To Drown Big Government In Bathtub

In between desperately begging for money and plugging its report on the ancient art of Albanian Weevil Calligraphy, PBS took some time out of its busy debate schedule Thursday night to ask both candidates the question Democratic primary voters surely care about...