internment camps

So remember how Al Gore, Green Hitler, up and sold his near-imaginary teevee station to the Qatari government, in the shape of Al Jazeera? And the conservatives, they did not like that all but could not quite put their finger on “why” besides just “Muslims”? Well, they have finally figured it out, and a Megyn […]

Republican Florida state house candidate Marg Baker has won the Internet celebrity sweepstakes for suggesting that Florida send illegal immigrants “out to the middle of the country and put up high walls and leave them there.” You know, get ‘em off the streets, make ‘em disappear. Like the “e” in her name! Seriously, where did […]

Something like that at least; she may have said these things before: “If we look at American history, between 1942 and 1947, the data that was collected by the census bureau was handed over to the FBI and other organizations, at the request of President Roosevelt, and that’s how the Japanese were rounded up and […]