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Missouri Gov Eric Greitens Is Fifty Shades Of Fucked

Consent, how does it work?

Confederacy-Humpin’ Lawmaker Beated His Wife, With ‘Morals’

Last year, this South Carolina lawmaker sent Confederate Christmas Cards. This year, he's getting arrested for domestic violence. HUH!

Pat Robertson: It’s Cool If Your Husband Gets Drunk And Blows That Guy Just The One Time

Mark your calendars, kids, because today is one of those rare occasions when we are shocked and awed by scamster televangelist and occasional speed demon Pat Robertson. Usually, we find his half-cocked-and-mostly-senile word meanderings predictably amusing, but darn it...

Nikki Haley’s Alleged Republican Loveblogger Posts Sexy Texts

The weird "blogger has sex with hot governor-candidate lady" just keeps getting sexier (except for the blogger-having-sex part). South Carolina GOP person-turned-blog-typer Will Folks has produced various Holy Texts about the sexytime he supposedly had with GOP candidate Nikki...

Are You One of America’s Main Whores, As Far As Cheating On Your Spouse?

An important new study from a company that arranges sex-cheating partners says the top married women whores are real-estate agents, secretaries, nurses, "stay at home moms" and teachers at the top spot, exactly like everybody already knew. The top...