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Dear Wonkville Forums: I never thought it would happen to me! Hey what’s that new thing over to the right? The thing that looks like the picture in this post. Oh, you don’t see it in the right sidebar? It’s right above the box where you can buy anything you like on Amazon, and Mama […]

Remember, Wonketteers in Oregon, Washington and even one or two of you freaks from Idaho: This is the weekend for the Decidedly Unofficial Seattle Gathering of the Wonkalos, and if enough people show up, we promise to never again use that term! The shindig will be Saturday June 30 starting at 6:30 PM at Latona […]

Perpetually damp Wonketteers from across the Northwest chunk of the nation will gather Saturday, June 30 starting at 6:30 PM at Latona Pub in verdant Seattle WA. The Wonkette gathering will be in the upstairs loft and pavilion. According to longtime reader and meetup organizer Weejee, the location also features “Green Lake 2 blocks away […]

Well you little sweetling lover liver lumps! You have already sent almost $2000 for beer and shit for our nationwide tour of dive bars, to see you, our beloved Wonkers! Frankly? For some of you it seemed like it might have come a little too easy. We are not talking about our $10s or $25s. […]

Howdy, pardners! Kirsten Boyd Johnston and other special guests (me) will be OCCUPYing THE TELEVISION to relate to you some things what are said thereon, about this, the 412th electoral contest of the Republican primary season! We will be doing this maybe at like 8 p.m. Eastern, WHO EVEN KNOWS? Mitt Romney will probably say […]

TEXAS   5:59 pm February 28, 2008

by Sara K. Smith