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White House So Mad Nobody (Sally Yates) Told Them Michael Flynn Was Bad (Sally Yates Told Them)

And more juicy tidbits about FLYNN FRIDAY!
Jeff Flake, really, The Hill?

Never Mind, Jeff Flake’s A Pussy Again

One pussy that doesn't grab back.

Hey Rocky, Watch Newt Gingrich Pull Bill Clinton’s Dick Out Of Trump’s Hat!

Wavy lines! Wavy lines! It is time for some NEWT GINGRICH WAYBACK MACHINE.
Truly unexpected

House Democrats Borrow IRS Hearings To Ask What’s The Deal With Trump’s Taxes

Since Barack Obama keeps refusing to resign for his many crimes, House Republicans are still trying to find SOMEBODY to impeach over the long-discredited "IRS Scandal," so they've settled on trying to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. Koskinen's on...

Hey, Gray Lady, Whatcha Thinkin’ About? ‘Oh, You Know, Clinton Stuff.’

The New York Times added another couple of items to its impressive Crapping on the Clintons archive.
He feels just awful about all this, no more questions

Horndog Ol’ Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley Had Sex Chats With God, All Is Forgiven

a href="http://wonkette.com/600056/listen-to-alabama-governor-talk-about-touching-dirty-pillows-of-not-his-wife">Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley would like you all to just hush up now about all the sexxytimes he didn't have with his chief political advisor (and not-wife), Rebekah Caldwell Mason, because he and the LORD have talked it...

If Obama Really Loved America, He’d Be Screwing Callista Gingrich

We don't know why we are still stuck with disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's doughy fake-tanned face on our TVs all the time. He hasn't had a real job -- if you can even call being a congressman...
Was there any other picture we could have used?

Why Dumbass Republicans Want To Impeach IRS For Doing Nothing Wrong: A Wonksplainer

Remember how we reported that the Department of Justice determined the IRS DID NOT harass teabagging morans, despite the lies of Darrell Issa & Co? We’ve known this has been a non-scandal for YEARS (proof here and here), but...
Some are born dickish, some achieve dickishness, and others have dickishness thrust upon them.

Screw You Guys, Gov. Paul LePage Gonna Go Be A Senator Now

Maine Gov. Paul LePage has apparently not been paying attention to all the mail requesting that he resign, but he does at least have some thoughts about leaving office eventually. Like maybe he'll run for the U.S. Senate in...
Some are born dickish, some achieve dickishness, and others have dickishness thrust upon them.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Doesn’t Know How To Veto Stuff Good, Just Enacted Welfare For Refugees

Just in case you were wondering, vitriol-fueled weaselborg Maine Governor Paul LePage is never going to join LBJ or even Harry Reid in the ranks of politicians of whom people say "Love him or hate him, he sure knows...
Just being a good Christian

Your 2014 Legislative Sh*tmuffin (National Division): Oh Right It’s Ted Cruz For A Change

2014 was the year when Senator Ted Cruz (R-Alberta) officially renounced his Canadian citizenship and became a true American. It was also the year when Cruz made his first successful title defense of Wonkette's coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the...
We'll always have reindeer

Reindeer-Farming Congressman Acts Sane, Counters With Impeachment Bill

Wonkette readers have been kept well-informed about reindeer-farming Michigan congressman Kerry Bentivolio -- from before he even officially won his 2012 election, when this site identified him as a potential heir to Michele Bachmann's Krazy Krown, to the raving...
Constitutional expert up in here

Bristol Palin Says Her Mom Invented Impeachment, You’re Welcome

Yes, most people in 'Merica agree that impeaching the president for thinking he's some kind of president or something would be a really stupid idea, but Bristol Palin's ghost blogger wants you to know it was Bristol's mom's stupid...
It was this or a hastily-shopped picture of Air Force One up on cinder blocks.

Silly Obama, Air Force One Is Only For White Presidents

You may find this hard to believe, but not every Republican member of the House of Representatives thinks John Boehner's Obama Sucks Act of 2014 is quite tough enough on Ineffectual Kenyan Usurper Weak Socialist Tyrant King Barack Hussein...
No, really! They might pass a bill!

Morning Maddow: Maybe The GOP Will Pass An Immigration Bill, Just To Show Up Obama (Video)

Rachel Maddow gets the feeling that this executive action on immigration isn't going to be quite the disaster for Barack Obama that a lot of Republicans have been insisting it must. For all the bluster, impeachment is a no-go...
Almost sure that's not in Beckett

House Finally (FINALLY) Sues Obama, For Doing Thing House Wanted Obama To Do

In a master stroke of timing, the House of Representatives has finally filed that big lawsuit against Barack Obama for his tyrannical actions in using executive orders as if he were some kind of president or something. As you...