Ugh, Rick Perry, you really are THE WORST. Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to announce he will activate the Texas National Guard at a news conference Monday in Austin, said state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa, D-McAllen. Hinojosa did not have details of the effort, but an internal memo from another state official’s office said the […]

Well! It seems that after their crappy reporting was debunked, Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft and Stupidest Guest Blogger on the Internet Kristinn Taylor are demanding an apology from all us mean old lefties for a “vicious smear campaign” against them. In a piece largely aimed at Charles Johnson, who has led the […]

Jim Hoft’s idiocy is usually merely paranoid and malicious, but mostly the crap he projectile vomits onto the interwebs does little more than whip up the wingnut howler monkey brigade’s lowest passions. They throw poo, and move on. This time, though, he’s really scored a coup: Hoft ran a lie-filled story by Stupidest Guest Blogger […]

You may be surprised to learn that the GOP wants to repeal and replace a thing, but this time they actually have a replacement for the thing they want to repeal! The thing they want to repeal and replace this time is DACA TVPRA*, the 2008 law signed by George W. Bush that says that […]

Jon Stewart took on the latest round of rightwing anti-immigrant panic Tuesday night, reminding us of that simple lesson that we all learned as children: “I was always taught by my parents to follow the Golden Rule: Whenever you see a kid in trouble, yell at them in a language they don’t understand.” READ MORE […]

Some patriot got wind that an empty Army Reserve warehouse in Westminster, Maryland, might be used to temporarily house children from the Texas border, and so they did their best to save America. From children. Because obviously, Barack Obama is flooding the country with unaccompanied children so they can all vote Democratic. This is just […]

Hot on the heels of the big Breitbart scoop about that “Muslim prayer rug” (cleverly disguised as a shirt) found on the Arizona/Mexico border, the good folks at Glenn Beck’s Internet Tendency went looking for some terrorist detritus of their own, and by golly, they sure found some! An Urdu-to-English dictionary was not something Mike […]

When Jon Stewart takes a vacation, he usually returns to find that some eminently mockable story has broken while he was away. He was on break when Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face, for instance, and when Sara Palin quit (as governor, that time). But returning from this most recent two-week break, Stewart […]

Our comments queue has been especially full of pure uncut dumb lately, and so it’s time to share some of the best of the worst with you, O ye Wonkers. First off, our weekend story about the reported failure of the Great Big Protect Our Border Militia Jamboree and Clambake being “organized” in Texas is […]

Here’s Sean Hannity posing next to a machine gun on a Border Patrol boat on the Big River Rio Grande in Texas, or May-hee-co, or perhaps hundreds of miles up a river that snakes through the immigration war like a main circuit cable. But here he is, on the boat. “Never get out of the […]

The long Fourth of July weekend had come and gone. All across the country, proud Americans participated in the great traditions of the holiday: cookouts, boating while drunk, blowing their fingers off with illegal fireworks, to name a few. But not Sister Peggy Noonan of the Order of 2-For-1 Happy Hours. Her Fourth was spent […]

Apparently, Mr. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Q. Boehner was very ANGRY today, at the “president,” Barack Obama. Barack Obama was in Texas yesterday, meeting with Rick Perry about the border children — as he should have all along — and then gave a little presser about their talk. It was constructive! he […]

Have you heard there is a Katrina at the border, and that Katrina is a hurricane of little brown children, mostly unaccompanied by any adults, who have traveled thousands of miles to escape the violence in their Central American homes? Some people have been kind of spitty about it, with the screaming at the buses […]

Sarah Palin is just SO MAD at Barack Obama you guys, that she has been driven, for only the three zillionth time, to call for his impeachment because he is acting like a dictator and not telling the truth about the IRS or Fast and Furious. Or, wait, not those, this time around it’s because […]

Absolutely no one could have seen this coming: A Texas militia group is asking its supporters to patrol the border with Mexico to keep out the terrible illegal immigrants who are apparently just everywhere down there: The citizen militia operation, called “Secure Our Border – Laredo,” is urging members to voluntarily guard private property near […]