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Kissinger Advises Trump: Do Illegal Immediately. Wonkagenda for Wed., Oct 11. 2017

Trump talks with Kissinger, REXXON's 'fucking moron' gets worse, and Mike Ditka is a fucking idiot. Your BIG morning news brief!
If anyone knows Catholicism, it's Mike Huckabee the Baptist preacher

Israel Tells Mike Huckabee To Shut His Stupid Squeal Hole

Rancid dingleberry Mike Huckabee fancies himself a real expert on the Jewishes -- he's been to Israel, you know, and Auschwitz! -- and he is NOT SORRY and "will not apologize" for cavalierly warning that Obama is going to...

Israel Having Time Of Its Life Live-Tweeting Assault on Gaza

Maybe Israel doesn't have a choice but to explode chunks of the Gaza Strip, because Hamas has been shooting rockets into Israel. And maybe not! We are told we must support The Good Guys, though, because of the Bible,...

Episcopal Fundamentalists Declare Jihad On U.S. Senate

Some IDF soldiers did a funny dance while "on patrol" (trying to find flotillas to murder). This lighthearted music video makes everything better; it heals all wounds, big and small. The Episcopal Church is angry at the U.S. Senate...

Is It Possible They Meant To Name Him “Trig” But Wrote The “g” Backwards?

The Israeli army -- like Perez Hilton's dog and Obama before it -- has started a YouTube channel. People magazine will bail out Levi and Bristol by paying $300,000 for pictures of Tripp, the Trig of the future. Bloomberg...

Giant Anus Discovered

Rumors On The Internets: Babes