In our “couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” file, we learn that the Coeur d’Alene Tribe cancelled a scheduled Ted Nugent concert shortly after being asked for a comment on the apparent irony of a Native American tribe hosting a guy known mostly for his paleolithic racist schtick. As best we can tell, the concert […]

Back in May, we brought you the story of U.S. Navy veteran Madelynn Taylor, who was told by the state-run military cemetery that she could reserve a spot for her own ashes, but couldn’t arrange to have the ashes of her wife, Jean Mixner, interred with her, because Idaho doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages from other […]

You guys, we feel let down by Dok Zoom. He informed us that one of his Congresscritters, Mike Simpson (R-Sorry You Live In Idaho, Dok) was a boring dude. Sure, Dok told us all about how Mike Simpson loves some guns, but what god-fearing Republican doesn’t? What Dok Zoom neglected to inform us all about […]

It’s a special 5th of July Derp Roundup, bringing you all the Red White and Blue idiocy we could scrape off our browser tabs. Please consume responsibly, and we hope that your pets are finally recovering from the barrage. Your Inderpendence Day lede: Ted Nugent’s WND column for July 3 explained that he “celebrates Independence […]

So we guess the Idaho state GOP convention was held last weekend, and we are SO PISSED that Dok Zoom didn’t go there on a fact-finding mission, because the entire thing sounds like an amazeballs shitshow. Near as we can figure, nothing got done, and no one got elected, there may or may not actually […]

We’re already a bit weary of writing about Bowe Bergdahl, and you are probably tired of reading about the entire kerfuffle, but if we do not write about the continued goings-on (going-ons??) you will be all like “wahhhhh, Wonkette! Why don’t you write about things that reaaalllllyyyy matter?” and we will be irritated by your […]

In the closest thing to a “Super Tuesday” in this off-year election, a whole bunch of Tea Party candidates did worse than expected against “mainstream” Republicans who had better funding and who all sound like teabaggers now anyway. The biggest win of the night was less of a surprise now than it might have been […]

Just how totally opposed to gay marriage is the Great State of Idaho? How about this: It’s so clear on the sanctity of marriage that it won’t permit a U.S. Navy Veteran to be interred with her wife in the state-run military cemetery in Boise. Wouldn’t want to send the wrong message about what constitutes […]

The Great State of Idaho holds its primary election next week, to decide which Republican candidates will beat some token Democrats in November. We have a true two-party system in this fine state: Conservative Republicans, and Insanely Conservative Republicans. And every four years, we get treated to the Republican debate, an event usually featuring a […]

Open wide, Idaho, because we’re cramming some big gay homo marriage right down your throat! (Try relaxing your jaw and breathing through your nose.) Late Tuesday a federal judge in Boise struck down Idaho’s gay marriage ban, declaring a referendum passed in 2006 that enshrined the principle of one-heterosexual-man-one-heterosexual-woman marriage in the state constitution out […]

People of Idaho (looking at you, Dok Zoom), we’re going to need to ask you to come collect your state legislators because they seem to have lost all sense of how laws actually work, and that’s going to pose a problem for everyone really soon. Lawsplain at us about the problem, Think Progress lawyer guy. […]

Welcome to another installment of Derp Roundup, the weekly feature where we bring you a bunch of stories that didn’t quite merit their own posts but were too stupid to ignore altogether. As usual, we recommend you fortify yourself with whatever helps you get through reading it — alcohol, weed, or a +10 Potion of […]

In another victory for the Second Amendment, students and faculty with concealed carry permits will now be allowed to keep their weapons with them on campus, YAY! Idaho is now guaranteed to be safe from campus shootings forever, because if anyone ever tries a mass shooting, there’s guaranteed to be a Responsible Gun Owner nearby […]

Thanks to the efforts of the Idaho Lege, Big Agriculture will soon be able to be able to beat up on animals as much as it wants or needs to without any pesky undercover animal rights dinguses covertly recording them. This is a big concern in ag-land, because for some reason, factory farms have gotten […]

Two more red states have been victimized by judges who took away their precious right to make sure citizens are only as equal as Jesus wants them to be. In Kentucky, a federal judge ruled that the state must recognize same-sex marriages from outside the state, and in Idaho, the state Supreme Court said that […]