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Democrats Just Made Mitch McConnell Do A Very Bad Thing

Say goodbye to the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, and hello to letting employers fire you if you aren't willing to die on the job.

Hey, Did All You Woman Protesters Pick Up Your George Soros Checks Yet?

Fox News shows us how to lie while saying something that's technically factual

Let’s All Watch The NRA’s Big Tough Wayne LaPierre Whine A Whole Bunch At CPAC!

It's got everything -- paid protesters, hanging whistleblowers, accusing the Left of wanting people to die of heart attacks on the way to the hospital...

Barack Obama Ain’t Got Time For Congressjerk Darrell Issa Pretending They Are Friends

If you want to win, link yourself to a president you hate, but who has a much higher approval rating.
You're fooling yourself. Equestria is a dictatorship

Deleted Comments: Wonkette’s Crackhead Pretense Of Liberalism Isn’t Fooling Anyone.

How is Wonkette being a dumb stupid jerkoff Shillary for Hillary today? All of the ways!
Scootaloo is a skateboard punk rocker. Let's hope she ends up saner than Michelle Shocked.

Deleted Comments Of The Week: Hyprocrocy Is One Of My Biggest Pet Peaves!!!!

How can Michelle Obama say Trump is a gropey creeper when some people sing songs about sex? It is a mystery!
So there.

Donald Trump Justifies Fat Shaming Alicia Machado By Slut Shaming Her Instead

Also he's lying, because of course he is.
Not a smart man.

Fox News Hardly Mentions Bundys’ Latest Armed Standoff, Go Figure

So here we are in Day Three of the Bundy Bird Sanctuary Armed Standoff and not much has changed. The brave gun-fondling protectors of freedom are still holed up in a wildlife refuge in Oregon, law enforcement continues to give...

Wingnuts Tell Commie Pope To Get A Brain, Moran

The rightwing freakout over Pope Francis and his betrayal of all good things (unfettered capitalism) continues, and it seems that his address to a joint meeting of Congress doesn't seem to have made them a lot happier, probably because...
Be vewwy quiet. I'm hunting Dewegates!

Ted Cruz Supports Gun Control, To Protect Ted Cruz

Hey, Ted Cruz, what's your next cool fundraiser idea? Wow, a chance for some lucky gun-humping donor to go shootin' with the senator? That sounds like more fun than staying up all night playing RISK with Rand Paul! Funny thing...
You STAY in her lap, where you're safe.

Huckabee: That Duggar Boy Made A Mistake, Just Like When My Son Murdered That Dog

Expressions of wingnut support for Josh Duggar and his molesty past are starting to drip in, now that they've remembered that the focus of the narrative is REDEMPTION, because they have Jesus and you don't. They are saved, you...

How We Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Gay-Baiting Aaron Schock

The internet is abuzz with the resignation of fresh-faced congressbottom Aaron Schock, mired as he has been in allegations of ethics violation after ethics violation after gay ethics violation. We are sure we will find out more in coming...
NEWS FLASH: You can afford these shoes on $7.25 an hour

Joni Ernst: Let Them Wear Bread Bags

Sen. Joni Ernst did her best in her robotic SOTU response to let us know that she empathizes with folks facing hard times: You see, growing up, I had only one good pair of shoes. So on rainy school days,...
Now grab the back of your TV set...

Pervy Nonagenarian Televangelist Did … Oh Jesus Christ

It's been a while since we've heard from the faith-healing ministry leader and televangelist Ernest Angley, who was also the the real-life inspiration for Robin Williams's classic "Reverend Earnest Angry." Until 35 years later, when Monday we read that Rev....

Figures: Stupidest Man On Internet Disgusted That Obama Would Abandon Bergdahl, Rescue Bergdahl

Hats off to Josh Marshall (and his tipster, "TT") at Talking Points Memo for this one: Back in October, Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft was shocked and horrified at the prospect that Barack Obama might abandon POW...

Georgia Says Screw It, Allows Guns In Airports, School Zones, Other Awesome Places To Have Guns

Today, Georgians with a hyperinflated sense of ego-driven invincibility rejoiced as Governor Nathan Deal signed into law a bill that allows them to protect innocent victims virtually anywhere they wish, like when they're drinking or when someone gives them the...