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See what happens when you let people vote?

North Carolina Lege Knows New Democrat Governor Isn’t Really Governor Anyway

North Carolina doesn't do democracy very good. At least not if it lets Democrats win.

Michelle Malkin Knows Just Who Is To Blame For Withholding Sandy Relief (It Is Obama Duh)

We should stop being surprised when the party of personal responsibility blames EVERYONE ELSE for its own failures, time and time again. But somehow, we are still surprised! Every single time! We should also stop being surprised when Fox...

Irene Victims Can Now Blame Continued Suffering On Troops In Iraq

America is still recovering from that disgusting Hurricane Irene that came to town last weekend, which means that hurricane victims around the East Coast are still without electricity and, as a result, access to basic necessities, like Internet porn!...

Nostalgic Ron Paul Remembers His Favorite Early 20th Century Disasters

Oh goody, what's that crazy old Ron Paul yammering on about this time? Someone told him there's a hurricane-a-comin' and he just rolled his eyes thinking about how FEMA is going to come in and just plain old ruin...

Remainders: Out for a Good Borking