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More Louisiana Republicans fingerpointblamegame Barack Obama for the feds’ poor response to Hurricane Katrina than fingerpointblamegame the actual president at the time, George W. Bush. We imagine this new and intriguing take on “facts” was first promoted by Eric Golub and Jim Hoft. The latest survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, provided exclusively to TPM, […]

He appreciates it. He appreciates it. He appreciates things. [Mediaite]

Every year, the President of the United States has to entertain the winners of that year’s Super Bowl, which is an annual contest of America’s real (white) sport, American-football. And so today they showed up at the White House and provided Obama his very own jersey, which he will then hang in his closet with […]

Residential real estate is back! “In a giant auction, the federal government has agreed to sell for pennies on the dollar most of the 120,000 formaldehyde-tainted trailers it bought nearly five years ago for Hurricane Katrina victims… Besides formaldehyde, units may be plagued by mold, mildew and propane gas leaks, FEMA acknowledged.” Well, our dizzying, […]

Has anyone else had recurring nightmares about being forced to read this exact PoLiTiCo article over and over, for eternity? You wake up in sweats, trembling. You have just experienced the nearest thing the political Internet can offer as an equivalent to the Sisyphean Task. Just as you reach Peak Politico, it rolls back and […]

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JOE BIDEN WILL THROW DOWN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: So Barack Obama wanted to get rid of Joe Biden for the day and settled on sending him to Georgia, to say “hi” to the flood victims down there. Immediately after arriving, Joe Biden addressed the local disaster relief officials and proclaimed, “They’re all doing one heck of […]

There may be some economic problems with cash-for-clunkers, like how it only subsidizes those who’ve purchased lousy, obnoxious automobiles in the past, but here is some strange NPR lady on the television dabbling in monstrosities: “Cash for Clunkers is like a mini-Katrina here. I mean it’s not good to start a program and not be […]

Last night, your “Polaroid Liz” Glover went to some party in Denver called like, “James Carville’s Cajun Bayou Bash!” No but really: it was some hokey New Orleans stereotype-athon, hosted by James Carville, to show support for HURRICANE KATRINA. Here’s how Liz describes Carville at his own creepy party: “I got a contact high from […]

Time flies when you’re getting jabbered at by a lightly furred ballsack! Wolf Blitzer has apparently been hosting CNN’s Late Edition for ten wonderful years, and this Sunday America will get to enjoy two whole hours of decadent Blitzerian retrospectives. Relive Wolf’s proudest Journalistic Moments, after the jump.

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