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Neil Gorsuch Thinks Your Boss Should Deny You Your Slut Pills. Yay ‘Religious Liberty’!


These Wonderful Old Lesbians Will Beat Your Ass If You Don’t Vote For Hillary Clinton

Meet Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin! They are THE BEST.

Human Rights Campaign DNC Party Was Best Seventh Grade Dance In Philly!

Can we Yelp review parties? Is that a thing?

Jews For Jesus Really Sassy In Philadelphia Right Now


House Republicans Bone The Gays While Democrats Squeal In Outrage. Typical Day In Congress.

This is why elections matter y'all. Even the boring, unsexy midterm ones.

Target Doesn’t Need None Of You Dumb Bigots’ Business, So BYE FELICIA

Gay-hatin' wingnuts, Target has some bad news for you.
Probably how it happens.

South Dakota Would Like To Take A Stab At Gay-Bashing Now

In 2015, The Supreme Court forced all Americans to do gay to each other's butts within the bonds of holy homosexual matrimony, and the transgenders started invading all the Good Christian Potties and peeping on the ladies applying their...
They're watching you.

Jesus Buying All His Christmas Presents At Hobby Lobby And Chick-Fil-A From Now On

It's the most wonderful time of the year, almost! We've had a real good start to the War On Christmas, thanks to Starbucks making a cup that does not explicitly mention how the Baby Jesus died so you can...

Lesbian Superhero Houston Mayor Wants Gay Rights Ordinance Back Right Now, Dammit

Tuesday night, Houston took one giant leap backward for humankind, as the Jenny Jerkoffs who showed up to vote decided to listen to lying religious right mofos instead of their own good sense, and effectively killed the Houston Equal...
Funny strange, not funny ha ha

Rand Paul: It’s ‘American’ To Be Rude Law-Breaker, As Long As You’re White

Were we not, just the other day, rolling our eyes at Sen. Rand Paul for explaining that Black Lives Matters is Taking A Stand all wrong, because those people are NOT fighting the system according to society's rules of polite behavior,...

Mean Attorney General Won’t Let Californians Vote To Kill Homos Dead

Months back, Wonkette broke the story (MUST CREDIT WONKET!) of secret mystery incognito lawyer Matt McLaughlin, who had filed a California ballot initiative called the "Sodomite Suppression Act," to suppress the sodomites, by killing them. The initiative specifically instructed...
Jesus loves the little children, unless they're super-duper gay. SING ALONG!

Big Banks Won’t Stop Cramming Homosexuals Down Franklin Graham’s Throat

Poor persecuted Franklin Graham, insane wingnut son of evangelist Billy Graham and president of his daddy's association, saw a Wells Fargo ad on the teevee, and the ad had lesbians in it, and this shall not stand! So he took...
Not immaculate, but OK

Ted Cruz Would Be Very Bad News For Gays, If He Were President LOL

Canadian Ted Cruz declared his candidacy for emperor of the US Americas today, having decided that the best way to run a presidential campaign is to blow your load really early, like a teenage girl trying to be the first...

Arkansas Does Not Need Your Gay Business, Gays!

Oh, we are SNEERING at our home state of Arkansas right now, so hard. You see, we grew up in Little Rock during the days of Bill Clinton, back when Arkansas was Democrat Tuff, in a very blue dog...

Saks Only Wants To Discriminate Against This One Trans Person, Not All Of Them

Wonkette update! A couple weeks back, I gathered you all around to tell you the story of Leyth Jamal, a former Saks Fifth Avenue employee who is transgender, and her lawsuit against Saks Fifth Avenue for unlawful discrimination under...