huma abedin

It looks as if beloved “comedian” and derp volcano Steve Crowder is not the only hacky jokester hitting the unemployment line this week. Yesterday a reporter for the latest casualty in Tina Brown’s long war against successful media properties broke the news that the White House has fired one Jofi Joseph for the crime of […]

The New York Post, in its continuing quest to out-do its most obvious competition, has the scoop of all scoops from the Hillary ’16 killer campaign machine. Huma Abedin has got to get rid of that Weiner she’s been dragging around, or else get on up out of Hillary’s face. Because if there is one […]

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Gennifer Flowers reveals that Bill Clinton was the “love of her life,” that they’d be married and living it up today if not for Chelsea, and that Clinton confided to her that Hillary is definitely bisexual. And would you believe this incredible interview just happens to coincide […]

While we are all very busy remembering to never forget, let us take just a moment for A Very Important Think Piece on Sydney Leather’s new boobs and their appearance at Anthony Weiner’s NYC mayoral concession speech. (He lost big time.) Cause oh yeah, she got some, and boy, they are not real and we […]

In an attempt to out-stupid MoDo’s claim that Huma stays with Anthony because she’s just too Saudi Arabian to know better, Fox News would like to dumbsplain to you that though Huma is bitterly clinging, Weiner does not want to tap that ass anymore because of how she’s a Muslin who wants to destroy ‘Merica. […]

We didn’t really think about what we were getting into when we suggested that this “Reading the NYT with Yr Wonkette” thing happen. Key piece of information overlooked: we would actually have to read the thing, often during peak “recovering from hangover” time. We are A Idiot. But enough about us. What’s up with this […]

The New York Times Magazine gets the fascinating in-depth interviews with disgraced former Jockey model Anthony Weiner and his lovely and graceful wife, Huma Abedin. At the end of May in 2011, Clinton joined President Obama for an official trip to London, ending with a state dinner at Buckingham Palace. “And for some unbelievable reason,” […]

Did you feel safer sometime around 11 a.m. Eastern on Friday? Almost as though someone (or someones!) very capable was keeping an eye on our enemies, both foreign and domestic? Of course you did, this is because John Boehner has put Michele Bachmann on the House Intelligence Committee again. Aren’t we lucky, Amercia? USA! USA! No, […]

Yes, you are the newest supernova in the Wonket Cavalcade of Stars, Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert, but are you burning too bright? Having just in the past week joined in Michelle Bachmann’s search for Arabs under the bed, and then gotten it just right with his explanation that Aurora was caused by Jealous Jeebus, Louie […]

O HAI JOHN MCCAIN! Sometimes you seem to understand that your party (AND YOU) have thrown in your lot with a bunch of neo-Nazi troglodytes of terror. And then usually you go right back to cynically exploiting these dumb biddies and their lunatic leaders for your own political gain. Hey that’s just how it is, […]

As usual, all your Wonkette had to do was demand accountability in a single post and boom, there it is: accountability. It’s not such a bad gig, being the most powerful blog in the universe. (We would imagine.) Isn’t it a delight to see everyone finally condemn Michele Bachmann for smearing Hillary Clinton aide Huma […]

Now that Sen. John McCain has put on his biannual Integrity Cloak again, and denounced Michele Bachmann’s Arab Hunt from the Senate floor, a few other people would like to get into the act. One is Bachmann’s former campaign manager, Ed Rollins, who also worked for Reagan and Mike Huckabee and would like you to […]

Fun times at the Capitol! First Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (who sits on the House Intelligence Committee) released a letter saying Hillary Clinton’s top aide, superhotty Huma Abedin (who is married to Anthony Wiener, known Jew, also) is probably a Muslim terrorist! After all, why is the State Department giving security clearances to people whose fathers […]

Was anyone else wondering during this Anthony Weiner scandal whether this whole thing was because Jewish Anthony Weiner is secretly a Muslim? Right-wing “Islam expert” Robert Spencer thinks so, because here is what he knows: Weiner is sneaky, exactly like a secret Muslim would be. And he is married to a Muslim woman, which means […]

Anthony Weiner, the Democrat who infuriated many libtards by refusing to run for New York mayor and saying mean things about Jon Stewart once, can infuriate them all over again by officially taking one of the cutest, most shiny-haired Clinton staffers off the market. He proposed to Hillary Clinton’s best girlfriend Huma Abedin in late […]