How is the Obama administration trying to murder white children today? Oh, only by giving them more asthma, for racial fairness, according to this incredibly logical and sane explicator in The American Thinker. Thinking! Pull up your coffee, and learn how to do it, with the American Thinker to guide you! The Obama Administration has […]

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Willard Romney took a moment out of his daily dog and pony show to deliver some real ideas a la Romney. This wasn’t a typical Romnification of bullshit jib jab. These were actual ideas coming from the Republican contender. This was a closed-door fundraiser that was held by some of Romney’s […]

WONKETTE  12:59 pm March 29, 2007

HUD Hates Freedom

by Ken Layne

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Dusteemania: Is She For Real?

by dlat

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In Defense of Dustee Tucker

by dlat

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Remainders: Stay Focused

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An Update on Alphonso Jackson

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