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Seven Times The Media Lied About Trump’s New HUD Pick, Ben Carson, By Quoting Him

The media's always misunderstood poor Ben Carson. Thanks to Donald Trump, he can keep on making no sense at all.
It's like the Shining

Corruption Scandal Rocks Obama Cabinet, And You Won’t Believe What Hillary Said About It

Smooth Latin lover Julián Castro, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development and potential Hillary Clinton running mate, is in BIG TROUBLE for allegedly violating the rules against partisan campaigning by federal officials. Castro praised Clinton and criticized Donald Trump...

Barack Obama Now Trying To Murder White Children, With Asthma

How is the Obama administration trying to murder white children today? Oh, only by giving them more asthma, for racial fairness, according to this incredibly logical and sane explicator in The American Thinker. Thinking! Pull up your coffee, and...

Mitt Romney Accidentally Gives Details On Something, Somewhere, To Someone

PALM BEACH, Fla. – Willard Romney took a moment out of his daily dog and pony show to deliver some real ideas a la Romney. This wasn’t a typical Romnification of bullshit jib jab. These were actual ideas coming...

HUD Hates Freedom

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