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  Saks can do what they want you're not my real dad

Saks Fifth Avenue Pretty Sure It’s Still OK To Discriminate Against Trans People

One of the interesting things about the fight for LGBT acceptance and equality over the years is that corporations — even some of the evil, obnoxious ones — were way ahead of the gummint when it came to getting their little heads around the idea that, you know, hey, maybe the gays and the trans people and all the various other whatnots might ACTUALLY be great employees. They might even be humans, and you know, it’s probably a good idea to treat them equally, give them spousal benefits, not call them fags at the water cooler, et cetera. Read more on Saks Fifth Avenue Pretty Sure It’s Still OK To Discriminate Against Trans People…
  careful it might be catching

Laura Bush, Profile In Courage

Former First Lady Laura Bush, do you love gheyz and homosex and done wrote a book where you talked about loving gheyz and homosex and went on Larry King and talked about loving gheyz and homosex? That is very nice of you! You and Dick Cheney, Undead Prince, have that one nice thing in common! And since we are liberalz, we will credit you where due! But did some dirty queers than take your public position and add your face and mouth talking about those things to a commercial about that public position, and did you then insist that they remove your face and mouth from this disgusting list of people (Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, Barack HUSSEIN Nobumer) with this same very common public opinion? Oh, you did that too. Well, we guess you are still an asshole then, surprise. Read more on Laura Bush, Profile In Courage…

Kathy Griffin Ruins Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Maybe

Ha ha, it’s Kathy Griffin, from… wherever she’s from! She is the one who curses a lot on CNN’s Anderson Cooper New Year’s Party, yes? In one of those “unplanned” moments of live television. Well she is now in Washington D.C., videotaping something that will not advance gay rights. Read more on Kathy Griffin Ruins Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Maybe…