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BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Called Young Voters ‘F*cking Dumb’, Just Kidding No She Didn’t

Wikileaks continues to reveal absolutely nothing important about Hillary Clinton.

These Wonderful Old Lesbians Will Beat Your Ass If You Don’t Vote For Hillary Clinton

Meet Lennie Gerber and Pearl Berlin! They are THE BEST.

Jews For Jesus Really Sassy In Philadelphia Right Now


Mean Attorney General Won’t Let Californians Vote To Kill Homos Dead

Months back, Wonkette broke the story (MUST CREDIT WONKET!) of secret mystery incognito lawyer Matt McLaughlin, who had filed a California ballot initiative called the "Sodomite Suppression Act," to suppress the sodomites, by killing them. The initiative specifically instructed...
Jesus loves the little children, unless they're super-duper gay. SING ALONG!

Big Banks Won’t Stop Cramming Homosexuals Down Franklin Graham’s Throat

Poor persecuted Franklin Graham, insane wingnut son of evangelist Billy Graham and president of his daddy's association, saw a Wells Fargo ad on the teevee, and the ad had lesbians in it, and this shall not stand! So he took...

Saks Fifth Avenue Pretty Sure It’s Still OK To Discriminate Against Trans People

One of the interesting things about the fight for LGBT acceptance and equality over the years is that corporations -- even some of the evil, obnoxious ones -- were way ahead of the gummint when it came to getting...

Laura Bush, Profile In Courage

Former First Lady Laura Bush, do you love gheyz and homosex and done wrote a book where you talked about loving gheyz and homosex and went on Larry King and talked about loving gheyz and homosex? That is very...

Kathy Griffin Ruins Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Maybe

Ha ha, it's Kathy Griffin, from... wherever she's from! She is the one who curses a lot on CNN's Anderson Cooper New Year's Party, yes? In one of those "unplanned" moments of live television. Well she is now in...