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Fox News Graphics Department All Fired, Again

Sometimes we think the Fox News production team is full of trolls, is what we think.

Bolton’s Mustache Walks Into White House. Wonkagenda For Mon., April 9, 2018

John Bolton's Baptism by Fire, Trump's Towering inferno, and another Syrian chemical weapons attack. Your morning news brief.

Who’s Already Scream Shitting About Las Vegas? A Shitmouth Roundup!

Get ready for more of this sort of thing.

Fox News Covering Charlottesville Attack With All The (Blood And) Glory You’d Expect

It's just awful how the media drove its leftist identity politics narrative into that crowd of people in Charlottesville.

Fox’s Roger Ailes Did Not Rub His Pervy Sex Boner On Gretchen Carlson, Says Roger Ailes

Why are all these ladies lying about poor Roger Ailes?

History’s Greatest Love Affair: Donald Trump and Geraldo Rivera

Donald Trump and Geraldo Rivera have a complicated relationship. They theoretically have undying love for one another (but not in a gay way, because no homo bro) yet is that love really possible when they each adore themselves so...

Joe Scarborough Not At All Sorry For Being Dumb Sexist Porcine A-Hole

On Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton gave a speech. And it was a great speech. Unless you are a white dude in The Media, in which case it was not a great speech because Hillary Clinton was giving it. And...

Hillary Clinton Wins All The Things, Coming For Donald Trump’s Tiny Hands Now

So Madam Secretary Sen. Hillary R. FLOTUS Clinton the First had a pretty good night on Tuesday, eh? And by pretty good, we mean she kicked so much ass, even our feet are bruised. Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and...
Chopped liver, apparently.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly Won’t Be Too Mean To Duggars About Kid-Diddling Because Bill Clinton. Really.

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comSo here is a thing we know. We know that Josh Duggar did naughty sex things to five little girls, four of whom were his sisters. And Ma and Pa Duggar -- being strict adherents...

Fox News: Obama’s Wrong, We Hardly Ever Shame Those Lazy Poor Leeches

The Fox News Nuh-Uh Squad continues its response to President Obama's cruel assertion that Fox portrays poor people as lazy leeches who sponge off government benefits. On Sunday's MediaBuzz, Howard Kurtz and Brit Hume had a little chat about Obama's...
Liar? Yes, duh.

BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Has Possibly Lied About A Few Things

Here's a story nobody could have predicted: Bill O'Reilly is a big fat liar. Again. And yes, we're still reeling from the devastating breaking news too. The guy who claimed to have won Peabody awards that were in fact...
Rape prevention tips

CNN’s Don Lemon: If Bill Cosby Rapes You, Just Bite His Dick

NOTE: Just so you know, we're going to talk about dick-biting. This is not by choice; it was forced upon us by CNN's Don Lemon. So if you have a problem with dick-biting, you should lay back and think...
He will now take his ball and go home

Bill O’Reilly Has Won Forever, So Rest Of Media Can Just Go Home Now

Fox News Walking Ego Bill O'Reilly had a little chat with his own network's Media Buzz Sunday, and told host Howard Kurtz that the lamestream media doesn't bother him anymore, because he has WON against them. "At first they tried...
Oh, it is ON

John McCain Said Jon Stewart Often ‘Absolutely Wrong.’ That May Have Been A Bad Idea (Video)

On Fox News recently, John McCain told Howard Kurtz that Jon Stewart was unfair to Republicans, but that it didn't matter because Stewart is merely one of those lying late-night comedians: “When he says things that are absolutely wrong he...

Fox’s Brit Hume: Chris Christie Only Seems Like A Bully If You Think With Your Vagina

Here's one for the "compelling explanations" file: On Fox News on Sunday (but not Fox News Sunday, that's different), Brit Hume was ready to mansplain away that whole crazy "Chris Christie is a vindictive bully" thing. Turns out, that...

I Did Yoga With Ben Bradlee’s Daughter-In-Law And She Didn’t Even Take Off Her Top

Last month, at our sister site Terrible News For Terrible People Dot Com, we brought you the story "Howard Kurtz Is A Dumb Asshole." In it, we wondered why exactly media critic Howard Kurtz, currently at Fox News, had...