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On Fox News recently, John McCain told Howard Kurtz that Jon Stewart was unfair to Republicans, but that it didn’t matter because Stewart is merely one of those lying late-night comedians: “When he says things that are absolutely wrong he gets away with it … It is what it is. I frankly have no beef […]

Here’s one for the “compelling explanations” file: On Fox News on Sunday (but not Fox News Sunday, that’s different), Brit Hume was ready to mansplain away that whole crazy “Chris Christie is a vindictive bully” thing. Turns out, that is all a matter of perception that depends a great deal on whether you are a […]

Last month, at our sister site Terrible News For Terrible People Dot Com, we brought you the story “Howard Kurtz Is A Dumb Asshole.” In it, we wondered why exactly media critic Howard Kurtz, currently at Fox News, had taken it upon himself to play Facebook Picture Scold about the beautiful portraits of Pari Bradlee, […]

Prepare to clutch your pearls, wonketeers. We have on our hands a tawdry display of vile sexuality that absolutely DEMANDS to be shown to the world. It seems that a politician errr, a journalist the private-citizen daughter-in-law of a retired journalist has put up some super-racy photos on the Facebooks! Gasp! and bring me a […]

We shouldn’t expect anything weird to be tacked onto this nice little Howard Kurtz profile about how Time is somehow currently profitable despite utter irrelevance, correct? OH GOD: “The Washington Post has a new op-ed columnist.” Yes, if Krauthammer can be entrusted with lots of money to turn in a logic-hating column every week, why […]

Ha ha, remember when Robert Gibbs said that the Democrats would probably lose control of Congress, if they didn’t shape up? Well, it appears that this news eventually filtered back to the Democrats who still (for the moment) run the House, particularly one Nancy Pelosi, and she and they are pissed and will cut a […]

Rolling Stone war journalist Michael Hastings was on Howard Kurtz’s Sunday chat show to talk about doing journalism for real, instead of just writing neo-con combat fantasies for the Washington Post op-ed pages. But what did CBS News’ battlefield babe Lara Logan think of Hastings for reporting what General Stanley McChrystal and his senior staff […]

Legendary White House Crone Helen Thomas got herself pushed into retirement finally, at age 89, over a bizarre outburst into a rabbi’s video camera about how the Israeli Jews need to go “back [to] Poland, Germany,” etc. Was it the White House press corps’ fault for letting the increasingly shrill lady keep yelling her Democratic […]

Following the New York Times magazine feature on DC cut-and-paster Mike Allen is no easy job, so Washington Post media typist Howard Kurtz had to do a whole story on Chuck Todd — even though Todd is not primarily known for forwarding some links to his BCC list. Who is Chuck Todd, anyway, if not […]

CNN’s new anchorman, RedState turd Erick Erickson, is very sorry for calling David Souter a “goat-fucking child molester” because, uh, people are so offended by Erickson’s dumb bullshit that they yelled at his wife! (The nerve!) So, what Erick Erickson means is, he’s sorry that you were offended by his blog, which after all is […]

Here is Howard Kurtz, official professional media critic of both the Washington Post and CNN, doing some important, trenchant analysis, as one would expect of all esteemed journalistic savants in his position: Twittering snide, resentful barbs about the level of difficulty in television comedian David Letterman’s questions to Barack Obama last night, on the Late […]

Ha ha Washington Post. How will they make money during this damnable Internet Age? Masturbation videos about beer? Selling information and brokering access to rich lobbyists over wine at the publisher’s home? Maybe somehow loving war even more? Such a quandary. Until they come up with a new long-term business plan, though, the temporary strategy […]

Man, the top brass at the Washington Post are killing the everlasting shit out of Dana Milbank and Chris Cillizza’s horrific web gag “Mouthpiece Theater,” and not very discreetly! Both Cillizza and in-house arbiter of all that is true and fair in media, Howard Kurtz, have written long pieces about this Internet “experiment” gone bad, […]

It is the end of the 100 days, at some point soon! We do not know the exact day because January 20 + 100 = January 120?? (SOMEONE ASK NATE SILVER.) So the next week will be a crucial time for the Media to reflect on what has been accomplished in this arbitrary time period, […]

You all catch CNN’s Reliables Sources the other day, about Jon Stewart? Exactly, so here’s a little summary. Tucker Carlson, he has not gotten over “it” from four years ago, and also he works for an NBC company, so… yeah.