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Rick Santorum: Stop Imposing Your Values On Me While I Am Imposing My Values On These Ladies And Their Slut Pills

  seriously can he hear himself?


Anthony Weiner SMACKS DOWN Peggy Noonan, With SMACK DOWN

  smackdown friday


  and tut again
  • TUT TUT, HOWARD DEAN, TUT, TUT: It’s nice that Howard Dean keeps going on the teevee to argue for strong, progressive health care reforms, but we agree with young communist Ezra Klein that it’s… snooty, maybe?.. for Dean to keep blaring his “no public ...

  • HOWARD DEAN FINISHED: It seems a highly successful four-year term as DNC chairman will be the “Dean scream” moment of Howard Dean’s life, as he will not seek a second term and will be out early next year. He will then return to Vermont where he is an ...

  • HOWARD DEAN MADE A FUNNY: “‘Wait until Schumer stops talking,’ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggested to Dean. ‘That’ll be a long wait,’ Dean replied.” [MOAR WORDS!