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How To Be The Absolute Worst, by Pat Buchanan It’s easy to be terrible, but to be the absolute worst — that takes effort. So let me, Pat Buchanan, show you how it’s done. Step 1: take a really important issue that makes people emotional, and make up a disgraceful lie about it, like so: […]

California Governor/Sam the Eagle impersonator Jerry Brown appeared the other day on conservative talker Larry Elder’s radio show, but wasn’t granted the easy treatment one would expect from a member of the liberal-loving media like…Larry Elder? As NewsBusters readers know all too well, Democratic elected officials across the fruited plain are used to softball interviews […]

MEDIA  11:09 am August 11, 2006

How To: Blow Shit Up

by Alex Pareene

PARTIES  12:03 pm May 1, 2006

How to Sneak Into Bloomberg

by Alex Pareene