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Rick Perry All In A Tizzy About This One Gay College Boy!

This story involves glow sticks and people who lost the popular vote.

Texas Schools Find Terrific Way To Save Money On Special Ed: Deny It To Mexi-Kids

Texas is exploring new frontiers in screwing over kids with special needs, especially if they're from families with limited English.

Here Is Your Horrifying Story Of Sleazy Texas Dentists Preying Upon Low-Income Children

You know what we love to do on the weekends here at yr Wonkette? We like to kick back and read some longreads. Who doesn't love to dig into a nice meaty story while drinking a cup of coffee or...

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman Isn’t Only A Wingnut Buffoon; He’s Also Got A Mystery Income Of $350,000

Around these parts, when we hear the name "Steve Stockman," we usually wonder what damn fool shenanigans he's gotten up to this time. This is, after all, the guy who invited Ted Nugent to be his guest at the...