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Matt Drudge-Obama Plot Led To Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s ‘VETTING 2: THE VETTENING’

Sad lumpen unemployed bitter former radio talker, inveterate gossip, bridge burner, and total future Wonkette editorial trainee John Ziegler has a scoop that can no longer be confirmed by his alleged source, late American blogger Andrew Breitbart, and boy is it a doozy! According to Ziegler, Drudge was in man-love with Barack Obama and kept bad stories about him from ever appearing on his massively influential and ratshit-strewn website, “The Drudge Chronicles”; Breitbart and Drudge didn’t talk more than twice in 10 years; and totally way more than that. Read on, Wonkers, for the night of the long knives is upon us! Read more on Matt Drudge-Obama Plot Led To Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s ‘VETTING 2: THE VETTENING’…
  because of all the maintenance workers!

This Could Be MTV’s ‘Real World’ House, In Washington

MTV’s hit ’90s sitcom The Real World is supposedly filming in D.C. at one point or another, and Wonkette operative ‘jake the catfish’ thinks this will be their secret special fucking house: “2000 S Street is the real world house. heres the pic. furious pace of work. meters blocked off. hipsters smoking cigs in front. dude in the doorway wouldnt say shit to me when i casually asked what was going on. White vans all over. i work across the street. telecom equipment on the roof. peeked in – theyre hanging a chandelier in the entry way by the stairwell. Thaiphoon is in serious luck. so is the secret safeway. not in luck – those of us who work across the street who hate d-bags.” This sure is some Hot Gossip! Read more on This Could Be MTV’s ‘Real World’ House, In Washington…