HOORAY! That is what your semi-managing editor has to say about this important news, from your beloved past-and-future Wonkette typing monster of Capitol Hill, Jim Newell: An Important Announcement Regarding Your Gawker Political Desk: Goodbye Tuesday greetings from the Gawker Political Desk! We have some news: This will be the last post for its main […]

NEW YORK—It’s Thanksgiving in America, which can only mean one thing: giant helium balloons have taken over New York City’s 7th Avenue for the 85th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. OK, two things actually, since Thanksgiving in America also means crazy people pitching tents outside of Best Buy.

This is the greatest news in the history of aviation: Southwest Airlines, which has sought a presence at Reagan National Airport for years, will finally gain entry through its planned, $1.4 billion cash and stock acquisition of AirTran Airlines. Southwest operates several flights from Dulles International Airport and is the dominant carrier at BWI, but […]

SCOTT BROWN SHEDS A TEAR  9:53 am April 7, 2010

by Ken Layne

WONKETTE PAULTARD PAL GARRETT QUINN GETS BOSTON GLOBE GIG: What happens when people write for your Wonkette? They get hired to write for other things! Joining recent “used to write for Wonkette but just got better gigs” people Juli Weiner and Dave Weigel is our young friend Garrett Quinn, who is now an official blogger […]

Somehow, holding only the White House plus big majorities in the House and Senate after an epic 2008 victory in which Communism (“overwhelming majority of American voters”) defeated America, the Fascists have “passed their health care reform legislation” using “Chicago mob rules” known as “popularly elected legislators passing laws.” NOBAMA, EVER. And now Nancy Pelosi […]

Love is in the air! Famous first daughter Chelsea Clinton is getting married to some guy she’s shacked up with, in Manhattan. He’s a Wall Street hotshot, and everybody loves those guys. And his dad is a convicted felon who recently got out of FEDERAL PRISON. The Clintons: Still making everybody else look better. [Chicago […]

We have been drawn, via our referrals, to some new thing called the Atlantic Wire, which tells you what every pundit and blogger is writing about at all times! It is the anti-porn. But “incoherence” is our goal here, so thank you weird new hyperspeed Atlantic thing! [Atlantic Wire]

One of the worst things about America is how much of it you have to deal with, just to get from Worthwhile Point A to Worthwhile Point B. What if you were, for example, having a nice breakfast in New York at Balthazar or whatever, and you needed to go to Los Angeles for a […]

Let’s see, Oscar nominations, who cares … oh look, nominations for the 2009 Bloggies are out, and whoa, jesus christ, your Wonkette is nominated for Best Weblog About Politics, Most Humorous Weblog and Best Group Weblog. Yikes! Thank you, good peoples, for nominating us, for these magical invisible trophies.