We have to say that we are very big fans of our readers — not merely when they throw money at us to buy human beings, but also when they do something this wonderfully trollish. You may recall that we recently challenged you to send the nice folks at the American Patriarchy Association some love […]

You know what’s tough? Having gay marriage crammed down your throat. It’s uncomfortable if you are not used to it (just breathe through your nose). But what if there was a reacharound workaround that could un-cram that gay marriage? It would have to be completely illogical and a legal stretch, but hey, we think that […]

Courage of convictions. This is one of the most important courages out there, cited more often than almost any other courage. So it came as quite a pleasant surprise when World Vision, one of the largest faith-based, pro-Jesus global charities on the planet, announced that they would hire legally married gay couples. Kudos to World […]

Wyoming state Rep. Troy Mader is just your average rancher and country/gospel recording artist, not a medical expert by any means. But he stands by pretty much everything that he wrote in a 1984 self-published book, The Death Sentence of AIDS: Vital Information For You and Your Family’s Health and Safety, which argued that gay […]

Looks like the birth certificate and the contacts with aliens and the reptilian lizard people were just the beginning of the things that the lamestream media failed to vet about this Barack Hussein Soetoro person. Now it can finally be told, according to some loons who think the Pope is an imposter or something: Michelle […]

You might think that by now, we were no longer capable of being surprised by Phyllis Schlafly and the merry band of rightwing loonies in her orbit. And for the most part, you’d be right — we’re no longer shocked by much of anything these twits say, because like Taco Bell, they’re in the business […]

Here is video of Anthony “Indistinguishable from the margin of error” Weiner dancing badly on a float in Monday’s West Indian America Day Parade. It turns out that the song he’s dancing badly to is called “Bubo Red,” by Capleton, a dancehall ditty which shares with many other examples of the genre* a set of […]

Here is a fun photo gallery from Dangerous Minds, showing all these lovely young French fascists what hate les gays, and show it by taking off their shirts, oiling their virile young bodies, and dogpiling. Enjoy! [DangerousMinds]

Yr. Teen Kolumnist has been noticing a nerve twanging-ly annoying trend among his pubescent peers. We are getting more hypocritical. Or maybe I am noticing it more. And I don’t mean saying one thing and doing another. I mean fervently believing in an idea, repeatedly stating your belief in said idea, and then saying something […]

Look, Bryan Fischer, we are all getting pretty tired of the unseemly attention you have been giving to Boy Scouts and teh ghey lately. It as if this topic has turned you into some sort of tiresome one-trick…animal whose name we have forgotten at the moment. And of course, we knew that you’d go just […]

As a woman what has been in the media for eeep, more than 22 years (?!), your editrix is not unfamiliar with voicemails of the angrier kind. Over the decades, she has been called a cunt and a Nazi and cunt Nazi, whose attitude could only be adjusted by a proper, good-old-fashioned raping. She has […]

Actual history information: some maybe-newly-discovered postwar interview notes with Adolf Hitler’s doctors have turned up that have led Ghost Breitbart and the Washington Examiner to the Perfectly Reasonable Conclusion that Adolf Hitler was an obviously fogget. Despite the excitable headlines in the these two fine media establishments, however, Hitler’s doctors didn’t say he was gay […]

Sorry, fellow 1980s protesters against “nuclear war” and “nuclear power” and “whatever else we were protesting about in the 1980s oh yeah we remember now it was Iran-Contra.” You are now going to have to throw away your cassette tape of “Short Sharp Shocked,” which was the soundtrack to all those protests, because Michelle Shocked, […]

Pathetic waste of skin and neurons Dr. Jerome Corsi, PhD, has in recent months shifted from being a straight-out birther to claiming that Barack Obama is a flaming homosexualist, presumably because being a birther mostly just gets him merely a tired indulgent laugh these days, even from other wingnuts. So now, yeah, Obama is gay […]

Chick-fil-A, great American chicken store, has this inconvenient reputation of being quite, quite Christian and, through its nonprofit organization, for supporting groups that are known to be anti-gay, like Focus on the Family and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (WHICH EXISTS). WELL! In the name of Digging Freedom (this is actually how you dig freedom), […]