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A deep, wonky dive into how hard Breitbart and Stephen Bannon suck.

The Daily Beast thought it would be cool to publish a story that basically outed a bunch of gay Olympic athletes in Rio, some of them from 'notoriously homophobic' countries. For real, they did that.

How weird, since Trump is addressing an INSANE anti-gay summit this week!

Noted public intellectual Phil Robertson, of the Duck Dynasty Robertsons, spoke at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver this weekend, and there he laid...

Sometimes, when there is a ton of news about a couple-a big things, news about other things gets swept under the rug and we...

There's a lot of 'allegedly' in this story, but boy oh boy, if this is true.

Congressman Rick W. Allen is a bad person.

As gently as possible, may we suggest that it's probably time for him to STFU?

And Disney World? They were scoping out Disney World? What is even going on here?

All of a sudden it's starting to make more sense.

Rightwing blogger Jim Hoft came out Monday as a gay homosexual, and we decided to look at the careful line he walked: Condemning Islamic crimes against gays, while neither clearly supporting nor condemning gay rights in America.

Click this, it will make you feel better.

Good White Christian Americans need to step off and shut their yaps.

St. John's Lutheran school won't say LGBT kids can't attend, but would like them to know they are NOT WELCOME.

Awwwww, those jacknugget Bundy militia boys are upset! They've been begging for snacky cakes and Miracle Whip and Tampax and instead everybody's sending them...

Once in a while we'll get an influx of angry new commenters who are very, VERY unhappy with something we've published, but we have...

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