Direct from the land of “wait, what?” we bring you news of this year’s commencement speaker at Montana Tech, Montana’s mining and engineering college. This is not, of course, the kind of thing we’d usually cover, except for the part where the commencement speaker is a billionaire young earth creationist, which is sort of an […]

Here is an oral history of the Trials of Alec Baldwin, and would you believe Alec Baldwin is not to blame for gay slurring that man whom he did not gay slur? (“All this is based on the fact of them believing what I said on a video.”) Before we get to the endless Old […]

Dave Agema, the Republican National Committeeman from Michigan and former state representative, is a Wonkette favorite. Wonketeers love him for his charming efforts to cut funding to a program that buys clothes for orphans, his willingness to miss key budget votes to shoot Siberian sheep, his fondness for tear-gassing American citizens, his deep-abiding belief that […]

Brave American and very heterosexual hero Andrew Shirvell was really upset in 2010 because the University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong (himself a gay) was obviously trying to make Shirvell gay with his radical homosexual agenda. To counter Amstrong’s man-on-man voodoo, Shirvell devoted his entire adult life to following Armstrong around and chronicling […]

On the news that legendary prop comic Gallagher has suffered his second heart attack in two weeks, Your Wonkette is reminded of this classic piece of Journalism from Seattle’s The Stranger, in which intrepid reporter Lindy West sat through Gallagher’s horrifying “comedy” show, which seemed to have been two hours of dick-lickin’ homophobia and not-that-coded […]

SHAME on your Wonkette for forgetting to follow up on the final results for the 9th thru 87th place finishers in the New Hampshire GOP primary! Well anyway, here is the “important” part: the (openly) gay dude beat Michele Bachmann! She quit the race several days before the primary of course, but that is SO […]

Who knew Carl Paladino would be so much fun, what with his homosexual gay-man night clubs and the boobies and the gay parades? We thought he was just an ignorant boring gazillionaire creep who forced racist porn on his underlings!