hobo beans

What’s this, what’s this? Are we starting up Wonkette Classifieds? Indeed we are, Poors, and at just the right hobo price: FREE. You could sell a boat! Or barter some moon rocks! Or pen a plaintive missive seeking love from likeminded jerk-offs! But why are we doing this when it will not make us any […]

Well here is a nice thought for the Fourth of July weekend: your current American recession is losing┬áthe war on joblessness better than the last four recessions! This particular facet of American Exceptionalism will be buying you slobs your hobo chicken stix from now on, please mail your letters there. The bleak job growth news […]

Yelling at old guys with Parkinson’s, laughing at poor people with cancer, viciously mocking sick children … today’s teabagger is more than just a fat ignorant racist. Today’s teabagger is an utter sociopath. So who attracted these Ugly American Slobs with the foul protest signs today? Homeless people living in the dirt around this hellscape […]

Man remember back when there was this thing called “the dole,” and you could live on it forever while you traveled the country on freight trains, singing hobo medleys and strumming on a banjo? All that changed when Ronald Reagan came to office and cracked down on Welfare Queens, with their diamonds and furs and […]

Not that you’d know it from the collapse of real estate, manufacturing, finance, retail and basic employment, but America is now officially in a Recession! In the third quarter of this wretched year of Our Lord — which doesn’t even include the 1929-style stock market collapse this month — the economy shrunk by .03%. Not […]