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Racist Mall Lady Will Never Get To Go To The Mall EVER AGAIN!

Guess she'll have to stick with Big Lots from now on :(

Racist White Lady Spreads Racist Christmas Cheer To Hispanic Ladies, Racistly

YAY, another racist white lady video has gone viral!

Donald Trump Doesn’t Want To Admit Refugees Because He’s A Racist, Dammit, A RACIST!

Is Trump really concerned about protecting Americans? Hahahaha, you are funny!
Yes America is that dumb

There May Be Enough White Voters To Elect Donald Trump. But Are There Enough Complete Idiots?

It might just be statistically possible for Donald Trump to win the presidency, although such an outcome would obviously give a completely new meaning to the term 'margin of error.'

No Big, Poultry Workers Just Have To Wear Diapers Because No Bathroom Breaks Allowed

Hey, feel like being horrified and utterly despairing of the belief that human decency exists today? Well, tough, 'cause now you're gonna be. A new, unbelievably awful report from Oxfam sketches out just how bad labor conditions are in America...
It's a mystery!

Bill O’Reilly Mystified: Why Are The Blacks So Racist Against Poor Donald Trump?

For a guy who likes to think of himself as pretty smart, Bill O'Reilly is pretty easily flummoxed by little things like how the tides work, what socialism is, and what war correspondents do. And now he's confused by...
Fa la la la la, la la la SHART

‘Fox & Friends’ Jizz Their Stockings In Yuletide Rage

Two of the unique strains of brain syphilis that sit on the "Fox & Friends" couch every morning have finded a real War On Christmas! Oh so exciting! You see, there is this school in Brooklyn, P.S. 169, and...
That's the face he makes when he Trumps in his pants.

Let’s Order Chinese Food And Watch Donald Trump’s Brain Essplode

Donald J. Trump does not like losing. He's not losing yet, but his stranglehold on American wingnuts is faltering, and he knows it. And Trump definitely doesn't have the temperament for losing, as we can see in his literally...
It was right there on his hand the whole time.

Jeb Bush Becomes Black Voter

Oh Jebbers McJebberton Bush, you are just all over the place! You were a Hispanic voter, but then you distanced yourself from that and did whiteness again, and then you and your Mexican wife, Columba, rolled out a new Latino...
He was only wearing it for a costume, he swears.

Jeb Bush Tells His Beloved Hispanic Culture To Go Back To Mexico

Jeb J.E.B. el Bush, which foot have you sticked up your ass, pulled out, and then rammed down your throat now? Was it your American voter foot, or your Hispanic voter foot? Alas and Ay Dios mio, the answer is both. Here...
This screengrab is so mean, but why not?

John Kasich: Don’t Worry, I Leave Mexican Doctors A Little Tip Too!

Republican presidential candidate John "The Moderate One" Kasich raised the ire of yr Wonkette, and also probably all Latino voters who ever lived, by asserting last week that, unlike that Donald Trump character, he cherishes the Mexican Spanishes: “A lot of...

No, Donald Trump Did Not Tell That Dumbass He’s Going To Kill All The Muslims

OK, internet, we're going to #slatepitch you for the second time in as many days, and you're going to like it, because Wonkette is right about all the things. The liberals on the computers are currently freaking out over...
Just put a Band-Aid on it, don't be so weak and unprofessional.

Trump Supporters Making America Great Again, By Beating Homeless Hispanic Dudes

As Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo so astutely pointed out, ladies and dude-ladies, we have our "first Trump-inspired hate crime." It was YOOOOGE. You see, first they pissed on a 58-year-old homeless Hispanic man, which woke him up....
Definitely thought this through

Obamacare Great For Poors And Minorities, No Wonder GOP Hates It

By now, we can all recite at least eleventeen reasons why the Affordable Care Act is great for America. Better coverage, lower prices, savings all around. And while we still remain the laughingstock of the civilized world because we...

Mitt Romney Acknowledges He Did Not ‘Speak Openly And Effectively To Minority Populations,’ Fails To Note Wetness Of Water

Average guy Mitt Romney and his wife Egg went on the CBS This Morning teevee Showcase of Disgrace to talk about why he lost so badly in the last “America’s Next Top Figurehead” contest. Oddly, he said a thing...