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  FLOTUS like a butterfly

Michelle Obama Is Being A Thug Again

It has been a rough week for non-thugs in America, as blackity-black people are flaunting their sportsball prowess all over the place. Why, even Michelle Obama used the precious sacred White House space to FLOTUS like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and dunk on the Miami Heat. Read more on Michelle Obama Is Being A Thug Again…
  reines of terror

Being Hillary Clinton’s Aide Officially Most Baller Job Ever

You know, we didn’t really think anyone could out-H.A.M. Chris Christie today after dude just UNLOADED on Boehner in a delightful epic of epicness presser after Boehner cockblocked the Sandy relief bill. That was before we learned about one Mr. Philippe Reines who, despite having sort of a wussy Frenchy name, is our new god. Remember way back before Christmas, which is now aeons ago, when Hillary faked her concussion to get out of testifying about the greatest loss of American life since ever, aka BENGHAAAAAZIIIII? And remember what untrammeled dicks the on-air people at Fox were about┬áspeculating about such fakery? Apparently the terrible behavior was in no way limited to their on-air personalities, as evidenced by the opposite-of-illustrious Justin Fishel’s question at a State Department press briefing shortly after the announcement Hillary would be unable to testify: Read more on Being Hillary Clinton’s Aide Officially Most Baller Job Ever…