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Lindsey Graham is now reportedly asking Republican donors to get behind Trump.

Paul Krugman did not actually say anything sexist about Hillary Clinton. That was Salon.

Wonkers. Look above. Watch the video of Wonkette Baby GRRRRRAWWWWWWRING like a lion, over and over again. Don't you feel peaceful now? Aren't you...

No, for real, THIS HAPPENED, can you even believe it?

James O'Keefe, the master of fake scandals, has an exciting new failed investigation into what he claims are billionaire George Soros's efforts to undermine democracy. No evidence at all, but some very shocking accusations!

You get over here and listen to all these songs RIGHT NOW.

Hillary surrogate Ed Rendell, you're not helping.

Benghazi investigation chair Trey Gowdy's long, drawlin' roundabout way of saying, 'I apologize to America for wastin' everybody's time for so long, I will leave public service forever and find a job I am better suited for, like makin' taxidermied beavers kiss each other on their purty mouths.'

OK, Donald Trump isn't Hitler. But is he Stalin? Mussolini?

Oh look, it is another Super Tuesday, because all Tuesdays are Super when you get to engage in DEMOCRACY! Just kidding, Tuesday is the...

Another day, another way the world is being 'very nasty' to poor ol' Donald Trump!

I'm Scott Adams. You may know me from my hilarious cartoon 'Dilbert,' and also from being kind of a wackadoo Men's Rights Guy. Here are my noodlings and ponderings on Donald Trump and his hot babe army and oh my god I want to die.

Where was THIS Jeb Bush during his oh so pathetic, not-even-sure-my-mom's-gonna-vote-for-me campaign?

Is Hillary Clinton a secret Hillzbian? PROBABLY. But she DEFINITELY murdered Vince Foster.

Remember those ridiculous Penthouse Forum letters? The ones you'd read after you exhausted all the masturbatory potential of the pictures in Penthouse? Side note...

AHOY WONKERS, HOW'S TRICKS? We are fine, thank you for asking. Welcome to Saturday, the day when we deliver unto you the weekly Top Ten...

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