How lovely: we have received an (indirect!) warblogging challenge from none other than America’s greatest warlord, George Washington. He was so furious about how you people treated him in the comments of that Mount Vernon Statement post that he actually went into the comments, picked fights — and again we’re talking about the first United […]

“I’m up to 223 subscribers… I don’t know why y’all motherfuckers fuckin’ subscribe to me when all y’all gonna do is fuckin’ talk shit about me.” [YouTube]

Ha ha ha, so incredibly stupid, but here we are, LAUGHING. If you’d like to know the context of this amazing still — and we certainly don’t — you can read more here. Something about a brawl at “Cheyney” University. Really. [Philadelphia Will Do, ABC 6 Philadelphia]

You anti-American homosexual Muslim book-skimming ACORNs have taken YET ANOTHER perfectly good & respectable website — this one designed to thank George W. Bush for the various wars and contracting economies — and ruined it with your filthy jokes about butts and poop. The site’s webmaster is now having to scrub your PUERILE CRAP petition […]

A delightfully insane person has e-mailed us and approximately 400 other tip or info lines asking politely if he can be Senator from New York. He wants to take over for two years until Chelsea Clinton is 30 and can rightfully claim her seat. You must read (skim) his full blog post about this. “Oh- […]