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Betsy DeVos Axing All The Obama Rules About Student Loans Not Sucking So Much

Also, one company will have a monopoly on all student loan debt. So that will be 'bae'!

Idaho Lunatics Pretty Sure Proposed Community College Will Spread Book-Larnin’, SHARIA LAW

Not only are community colleges tyrannical, they might attract hordes of Muslims who'll do 'weird stuff.'

Betsy DeVos Lauds Segregation For Helping Blacks Set Up Excellent Colleges All For Themselves

Be glad today's the last day of Black History Month. DeVos may not say anything crazy about race for a while.

Iowa Lawmaker Will End Universities’ Liberal Bias With This One Weird Unconstitutional Trick

From Iowa come a plan of breathtaking stupidity to bring ideological balance to the theoretical physics classroom.

Jerry Falwell Jr. To Help Trump Fix Higher Education Real Good

A man who believes in talking snakes will be helping to reform higher education in America.

Betsy DeVos’s Confirmation Hearing Was TOTAL SH*T SHOW, Let’s Laugh At It!

The Democrats were SO MEAN, and it was awesome.

How Are Americans Expressing Their Economic Anxiety Today?

It's morning in America, so you can read the racist graffiti more clearly.
OK, fine, ad IS from 1994...

ITT Tech Closing Nationwide, Leaving Students To Mercy Of Better, Less Expensive Community Colleges

ITT Tech, that staple of late night career advertising, is going belly-up. About damn time.
They like representation! They really like representation!

Congratulations, Grad Students! NLRB Says You’re Employees, Now Raise Hell!

The NLRB says grad students are workers with rights and stuff. This could set back plans for a new rock-climbing wall in the student rec center.

Human Trash Fire Sam Brownback Set To Gut Public Education In Kansas, Hooray

You know, one of the biggest problems with having Sam Brownback as governor of Kansas is that his endless evisceration of government funding means that we have to find newer and better ways to say, "What's the matter with Kansas?"...
You see, when I was undercover in the Falklands...

Bill O’Reilly: If Mexicans Don’t Like Stereotypes, Get That Mariachi Band Away From Me

Bill O'Reilly and Charles Krauthammer had a fine Old White Guys discussion of rampant Political Correctness on college campuses the other day, concluding with O'Reilly's astute analysis of why Mexispanican people have no cause to complain about being portrayed...
Just as long as you don't major in philosophy.

Barack Obama Insults Veterans By Helping Them Go To College

Darn that elitist Barack Obama -- not only does he want to inflict higher education on all young people, he also wants to make it more available to veterans. Which is why he announced Wednesday, on Armistice Day and...
The faculty of the Philosophy Department at the University of Woolamaloo were sorely disappointed by the debate

Republicans Will Save America By Outlawing Liberal Philosophers

Marco Rubio got one of the strangest applause lines of Tuesday's GOP debate when he explained that our institutions of higher learning are wasting too much time teaching frou-frou topics like philosophy that Real Americans simply don't care about....
It's people! Chris Christie EATS PEOPLE! (#2 in a series)

Chris Christie Locks Down Voters Who Love Student Loan Debt

Chris Christie knows how he'd win a presidential election between himself and Bernie Sanders, just in case that particular combination comes up: Let the free market fix everything, the way it always does. Ha! That'll teach Bernie Sanders, with...
Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

President Bernie Sanders Will Force Your Kids To Have Free College

Just when we thought we had reached the zenith of our love for Vermont's proudly socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, and dead serious Democratic presidential candidate, he comes along and proposes legislation to provide free tuition at public colleges and...

Oh Good, Gov. Bobby Jindal ‘Wrote’ A History ‘Book’

Louisiana, as you may have heard, isn't a state that's all that big on forcing education into people. Its public schools are being dismantled through aggressive "school choice" vouchers that use precious taxpayer dollars to fund religious schools, including...