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Fox News Radio’s bipedal panic robot Todd Starnes has discovered yet another element of Obamacare’s insidious plot to kill grandma: A sociology class at St. Joseph-Ogden High School in St. Joseph, Illinois, that was given an assignment to decide which of ten fictional characters would receive life-saving medical treatment: The lesson involves 10 people who […]

Here’s one for your SAT analogy section: George W. Bush is to to Iraqi journalists and shoes as Australian Prime Minister Julia Gilliard is to high school students and sandwiches. For the second time within a month, the Sydney Morning Herald reports, Gilliard has been the target of a “bread-based missile” flung during a school […]

Well, my dear Wonketteers, Yr. Teen Kolumnist has been given the privilege of reminding you once again of the shittiness of high-school life. Howevsies, this week’s topic relates to all of you, even now! For, as I am sure you know, breakups are the shittiest of shits, they are the shit to rule them all, […]

So, my dear wonketeers, Yr. Teen Kolumnist will not, in fact, be bringing you tales of merriment, jimmy rustling, and subtle spam for his Facebook page or even for exquisitely handsome men on mugs. I, in fact, have some somber-ass news. Amid the panic caused by the attack on Boston, I was recollecting on how […]

The North Canton City School District takes seriously the shitty, snippy bromide “those who can’t do teach” — so seriously, in fact, that they have suspended a high school English teacher because she wrote a novel. An English teacher writing a novel? Now we have heard everything! But you can kind of see their point: […]

The Daily Caller (excuse me, the DAILY CALLER NEWS FOUNDATION wtf) has an exclusive breaking expose: high schoolers are whiny about things. Children and parents across the country are fed up with the restrictive new school meal regulations implemented by the Department of Agriculture under the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” which has long […]

Can you find Jeff Spicoli in this picture? Have they already smoked their marijuana, or are they preparing to smoke their marijuana? Did they smoke two joints before they smoked two joints? Will they smoke two INTERCEPTED! In the meantime, aw man, doesn’t this take you back? All that’s missing is someone’s mom to drive […]

The Daily has a story up about this fellow, Sidney Barthwell, who was a high school classmate of Mitt Romney’s and a law school classmate of Barack Obama’s. It sounds nice! We didn’t read it. But have you seen this photo that complements it, in which Mitt Romney is smiling and pointing a gun to […]

Not even Republican primary voters wanted Sam Brownback as a presidential candidate, so the right-wing nobody went back to Kansas, both metaphorically and literally. He’s governor of Kansas, apparently. And he’s still a thin-skinned jerk. We learned these facts from the cautionary tale of Emma Sullivan, an 18-year-old high school senior and member of the […]

The Rick Perry Investigative News Team over at POLITICO was still feeling nostalgic for Ronald Reagan’s America following the other night’s GOP Supersexxxual Debate about “taxes,” a thing that is fun to debate especially when no one on the stage understands what that word means. So someone started digging around news archives from 1986, which […]

Historical revisionist Sarah Palin is not alone in her inability to answer basic questions about our nation’s past: American students don’t know squat, either! 82% of high school seniors failed to demonstrate “proficiency” on a national history exam, a 1% uptick in number of students who couldn’t pass the previous test in 2006. Keep at […]

Emo Obama is back, according to Obama-Republican tax-cut opponent Peter DeFazio, who said last night that the president is “making phone calls saying this is the end of his presidency if he doesn’t get” his deal passed. Oh, is that it? One thing doesn’t go his way, and suddenly the whole world has conspired against […]

A Jacksonville, Florida, high school named after KKK founder and Real American hero Nathan Bedford Forrest voted to protect its name and all the white women forever. [Matt Yglesias] Meanwhile, Barack Obama wants to let thousands of white women needlessly perish. Help us, Nathan Bedford Forrest High School. [RedState] North Korea is now on Twitter! […]

Fine then: What is your name? Do you know what your name is? CAN YOU ANSWER THIS QUESTION? [Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs]

Good Lord. When Joe Biden talks about growing up in Scranton with all its hardscrabble charms, is he referring to its feces-scented apartments full of food-hoarding ex-cons or its large population of grifters who parasitize the child welfare system?