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LOL Kellyanne Conway’s Talking To Toasters! Wonkagenda For Mon., March 13, 2017

Kellyanne Conway talks to home appliances, Steve King sticks his nose where it doesn't belong, and Old Handsome Joe returns! Your morning news brief!
Come and get your love

Trump Kills Paid-For Obamacare Ads Days Before Deadline, Because Nobody Needs Insurance (Happy Update!)

Need another reason to be pissed at Team Trump? Of course not, but here it is anyway.

THE RESISTANCE BEGINS … With All These National Park Service Social Media Managers GONE ROGUE!

Nice Time: Your public servants aren't taking kindly to this censorship stuff.

HHS Nominee Tom Price Will Fit Great In Trump Cabinet, Because Of How He Is Grafty

Well sure he's getting rich from being in office. Why else would anyone take such a crappy job?

Team Trump Thinks Grandma Millie Has Too Much Money. Luckily, They’re Here To Help!

'No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up.' -- Lily Tomlin

Obama Saves Planned Parenthood From Trump’s Grabby Hands! (At Least For A Minute!)

If Trump wants to kill Planned Parenthood, he's going to have to TRY HARDER.
Professional cum-sock.

We Are Beginning To Think Texas Really Hates Transgender People

Look, a lawsuit to give religious wingnut doctors freedom to deny medical care to transgender folk, hooray!

Planned Parenthood Sting Videos Are Full Of Bullcrap. No, Even MORE Bullcrap.

Are we still talking about Planned Parenthood stealing baby parts from your lady cave, in the dead of night, to sell on Amazon? (Order with Prime and have it by tomorrow!) Yes, we are, groan and growl and MANY EXPLETIVES! So fine....

Oh Look Who Is Actually Breaking The Law (Hint: It’s Not Planned Parenthood)

Well, isn't this ironic, don't you think? The Obama administration has notified two states that took steps to halt Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood Federation of America that they may be in conflict with federal law. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid...

Kansas Plan To F*ck The Poors Somehow Costing Millions, Is That Bad?

Kansas Republicans had a terrific plan to turn their state into the best state EVER, with tax cuts for the rich and -- well, that was mostly the plan. Surprise! It hasn't worked, and not just because the evil...
Pay the fuck up

Yes, Insurance Companies Have To Cover Your Vag

It should not be necessary for the Obama administration to tell health insurance companies, "Seriously, you have to, it's THE LAW!" about the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, but alas. It seems the insurance industry figured the Department of...
Yes, he's a monster

Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Yes, I Am A Lying Piece Of Sh*t

Need another reason to hate Florida's governor with the fire of a thousand suns melting the ice caps to drown the state, even though you're not allowed to say that there? Probably not, but Rick Scott is nothing if...
I laugh at you idiots! So much!

Oh Hey Look At All The Billions Of Dollars Hospitals Are Saving With Obamacare

It's been a while since we reminded you that with Obamacare, everyone wins, right? Like that one lady who was all, "Oh no, I cannot afford my cancer treatment now because of how Obamacare makes it so much more expensive!" except...

House Passes ‘No Welfare For Weed’ Bill, Which Fails To Ban Welfare For Weed

After coming back from a five-week "district work period" for eight action-packed days of legislating, members of the House and Senate went slinking out of DC on Thursday while mumbling over their shoulders that they'd be on email if...

White House Offers Sweet New Accommodation For Slut Pill-Haters, That Should Fix It

Damnit. Damn IT. DAMN IT!!! The Obama administration announced on Friday a new accommodation for religious non-profits that object to covering the full range of contraceptives in their employee health care plans. The new accommodation will allow religious non-profits, such as...