henry kissinger

Hot rumors suggest that Mitt Romney may have been in attendance at last weekend’s top secret Bilderberg enclave in Virginia, where he may or may not have been anointed America’s next ruler by the world leaders of government, finance, media and technology and also possibly imbibed a chalice of Henry Kissinger’s blood as an oath […]

It seems the TSA has taken a break from the hard work of molesting babies and congressmen and little girls with degenerative spinal diseases and poor Geraldo Rivera, and has turned its attentions instead to actually dangerous old men. How dangerous? Well, dude has been known to order the deployment of a bomb here, a […]

Local media insider blog FishbowlDC for the past few weeks has been holding its annual “Hottest Media Types” competition and yesterday, after 512 nominations, intense voting, you name it, they announced the winners. And WOW, we knew the Washington press crowd wasn’t exactly a model shoot, but… seriously? Has it always been this bad? For […]

WONK'D  5:42 pm September 21, 2007

Partly Cloudy With Chance of Shame

by Alex Pareene