OK, well now we’re actually kind of interested in maybe watching the Big BenghaziPalooza Screamathon that the House Republicans are planning for sometime, dog knows when; no schedule’s been decided yet. Turns out that, despite some calls for Democrats to boycott the kangaroo steeplechase altogether, Nancy Pelosi has gone and appointed 5 Democrats to the […]

Just a day after Louie Gohmert’s passive-aggressive snottiness toward him in a House hearing, Attorney General Eric Holder subtweeted the Texas Republican in a speech Holder gave to the National Action Network. On Tuesday, Gohmert had suggested that Holder was not taking a 2012 House vote to hold him in contempt seriously enough, a comment […]

We bet this will come as a huge surprise: In his traveling road show of “hearings” on the ACA rollout, Darrell Issa has hand-picked the people testifying, and has excluded people who want to speak in favor of the Affordable Care Act. In Gaston County, North Carolina, two women who requested to speak at the […]

Six former members of Congress, two of whom you may actually have heard of if you don’t live in their state, are holding 30 hours of pretend “hearings” at the National Press Club this week on the important topic of what the U.S. Government really knows about the existence of extraterrestrials, according to a mostly […]

Hey Rand Paul, whatcha doing? Just yelling at Hillary Clinton about how you totally would have fired her for lying down on the job during “the worst tragedy since 9/11″? That sounds fun. But we feel like maybe you have forgotten a bigger worst tragedy since 9/11? We wonder what it could be.

Now we wouldn’t want to let Michele Bachmann’s various House conspirators get off the hook for this “Muslim terrorists infiltrating the government because they are Muslim” summer-of-a-reelection-year stunt, would we? Here’s the dumbest person in the Western Hemisphere, Rep. Louis Gohmert, berating Jan “BIG SIS” Napolitano today about why she let a Muslim terrorist in […]

Here’s a fun game! Look at the above photo of the panel invited to testify at serial car thief Darrell Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform hearing this morning on “religious liberty” and “freedom of conscience,” with regards to the ongoing contraception and women’s health donnybrook. Do you notice something… missing… at this tiresome preachfest […]

Rep. Peter King (R-Xenophobia) is finally starting up his very special hearings today, in which he calls before his committee a bunch of Muslims so King, an IRA terrorist, can be filmed telling them their religion is pure murder. But that’s not all! To sweeten the spectacle, King “revealed” to Politico that he has been […]

So this is totally normal, sane thing to do: “A fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected.” When the fetus refuses to answer the committee’s questions, will it be held in contempt and arrested? What exactly […]

The Elena Kagan confirmation hearings have almost officially opened! Nothing but dead Robert Byrd and fearsome hurricanes on the cable news at the moment, with C-SPAN showing some Finance Committee hearing from last week and a 2005 tribute to Robert Byrd. But you can apparently click the CSPAN ad appearing here on Wonkette to see […]

Have you been watching the important Goldman Sachs hearing in John McCain’s Senate all day? Oh shutup, you clearly do not have a job. Here’s the “most bloggable” clip thus far, of Carl Levin, who is old and great, maybe.

The funniest part is that he thinks he needs more than three minutes of speaking time. Most people can clock in even a significantly belabored “HEHNGNN?” in under two seconds. (Also, sometimes laws are passed that set a policy and then grant the relevant department/agency a certain amount of time to implement them, after which […]

This morning’s theatrical populist pretend-fest is already underway in the Senate, where Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is facing his first reconfirmation hearing before very very angry Republicans and Democrats, who have all sorts of “ideas” for the Fed in the future.

Well, for all their tuff talk on this racist Puerto Rican separatist who wasn’t even very smart, the Republicans have just rolled over and shown the tyrannical Sonia Sotomayor their little white bellies. After spending two months complaining about nothing but the occasions when she said the two most forbidden words in the English language […]

Al Gore’s on Capitol Hill today to talk about his science! So is Newt Gingrich, for no apparent reason. But back to Al Gore! Here’s Tennessee meanie Rep. Marsha Blackburn calling Al Gore an evil criminal, just looking for a profit like your average dyed-in-the-wool socialist. (?). Then he tells her, hey Marsha, don’t you […]