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Barry Obama Wants To Show You This Cool Website He Made

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  • HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, ‘IMPLIED,’ HAHA: Remember this thing from yesterday? It’s been FIX’D: “Editor’s Note: This version corrects ...

Teabaggers Scream Pledge Of Allegiance At Tiny, Fleeing Figure Of Carl Levin

  yelling monsters


  toward a national mandate for seat belt extenders
  • SOME OF MEGAN McARDLE’S BEST IMAGINARY FRIENDS ARE OBESE: Noted David Foster Wallace scholar and Most Eligible Healthcare Blogger Ezra Klein has some funny remarks about libertarian obesity advocate Megan McArdle: ...


“Former President Bill Clinton today accepted responsibility for the failure to get a universal health care bill passed in 1993…. ‘It was more my fault than hers,’ the former president said. ‘We couldn’t raise the money.’” Ahh yes. The ...