Hey Jesse Kelly, Republican dude running for Gabby Giffords’ Arizon seat! What do you think about healthcare, is it a right or a privilege? My belief system is this. The health care for anybody but especially for our nation. The highest quality and lowest cost can only be delivered without the government. What I believe […]

Casually loathed industrialist Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, a stay-at-home mother of five middle-aged men, recently allowed the soothing but cunning Diane Sawyer unfettered access to the Romney home, raw and uncut, so that Mitt could remind the American public, again, of why they’re still not that into Mitt Romney. Okay, presumably that wasn’t […]

It is War on Catholics Day here at your Wonkette HQ, because there is nothing Barack Obama won’t do to Ruin Easter. He hates Catholics so much that he worked for a super-anti-Catholic Catholic Cardinal, at whose Catholic-hating knee he learned to make war on Catholics in the first place. And now Ghost of Breitbart’s […]

Hi, here is one of the most relaxing days you’ve had in at least five days, and now Michele Bachmann is here to make it even better by telling you that if you don’t have health insurance, don’t worry, because health insurance is not “uniquely different,” and why does it think it’s so great? Bachmann, […]

Monocled toff Mitt Romney went on the Jay Leno Ha-Ha and Teevee Newz Hour to explain some cold hard FACTS to The Chin: You cannot wait until you are ill to buy insurance, gentles, even if there is no human way to afford it on your sad loser unemployment check! It just doesn’t work that […]

Admit it, sometimes you have fantasies about going on The O’Reilly Factor and schooling Ol’ Falafel Breath. But then you realize that as soon as you started with your O’Reilly School, he would just cut your mic, so you change your mind and fantasize about a nice cup of soup instead. But this brave lady […]

Meet Mary Brown, 56, of (where else?) Florida. She is the lead plaintiff in the National Federation of Independent Business’s lawsuit to overturn Obamakkkare, which is expected to be heard later this month by the Nine Hepcats and Kittens of the Supreme Court, because she ain’t want insurance, Ain’t NOoBama1 tellin’ her what to do, […]

Hey all you whiny freeloading libruls, did you know that your health care costs are actually probably quite reasonable? This is our BREAKING NEWS brought to us by that yucky Rick Santorum, whose vast knowledge of Real America has led him to this incredible breakthrough: Cancer patients and other sick people, stop complaining about all […]

Tim Pawlenty is in his dying days as governor of Minnesota, so soon he will FINALLY join his fellow potential presidential candidates in not having real jobs. But for now, he’s just decided to fuck with his state in order to score a few points he can use in the 2012 primaries. He’s decided he […]

Oh hai, it’s your friendly neighbor the president, just sittin’ there at the ol’ MacBook. He just designed this fun new meme-generator. Oh, you want to see it? Sure, he can show you how it works. As an example, he will show you his fan-fic version of how our favorite characters Young Barack and Young […]

Wacky RNC chairman Michael Steele, who is in very deep shit right now with the orange boner in charge of House Republicans, heard about all of those white coats from the American Medical Association — historically Republican allies against health care reform movements, until now, because things are just so terrible — showing up on […]

QUOTE OF THE DAY  5:47 pm August 11, 2009

by Jim Newell

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, ‘IMPLIED,’ HAHA: Remember this thing from yesterday? It’s been FIX’D: “Editor’s Note: This version corrects the original editorial which implied that physicist Stephen Hawking, a professor at the University of Cambridge, did not live in the UK.” Indeed, quite so, yes, tut tut, some readers may have inferred that that is what the original […]

Yay is everybody ready for the most rip-roaring good time ever at a town hall since a mob of outraged yokels stole George Washington’s wooden teeth and chased him off the premises clad only in his skivvies and the 18th-century version of a women’s brassiere (two monkey skulls held together with catgut and lignum vitae)? […]

Think Progress has a pretty good roundup of angry wingnuts attempting to harass their elected legislators to death over healthcare, but this clip is particularly entertaining. What is it with these creeps and the Pledge of Allegiance? (Answer: it is the only piece of “poetry” they know besides the dosage directions on their diabeetus meds.) […]

SOME OF MEGAN McARDLE’S BEST IMAGINARY FRIENDS ARE OBESE: Noted David Foster Wallace scholar and Most Eligible Healthcare Blogger Ezra Klein has some funny remarks about libertarian obesity advocate Megan McArdle: “[N]one of my many talks with obesity researchers have touched on the issue of the poor being idiots. Nor do they seem to think […]