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No, Bill, we haven't forgotten.

DNC Night Two: How Many Hours Will Bill Clinton Talk Tonight? Here Is Your Livebloog!

Night Two of the DNC started with the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton as U.S. America's first female major party nominee

Let’s Delve Into Paul Ryan’s Fabulously Detailed Plan For A Better America!

Paul Ryan releases his plan for 'A Better Way' for America. Sort of!
Make Bat Boy Great Again!

Gov. Rick Scott Offers California Businesses Cheap-Ass Florida Workers At Bargain Basement Prices

Rick Scott hopes a recent minimum wage hike in California will cause businesses to move to Florida, where they can pay workers less.

Ted Cruz Fails To Convince Disabled Man’s Family That Obamacare Is Terrible

At a campaign stop in Evansville, Indiana, Ted Cruz happened upon a Scott, a disabled man, and his family. It did not go well.
Our over-reliance on memes is bad, and we should feel bad

Forbes Writer Needs Obamacare For How He Hurt Himself Doing Logic

For today's Annals of Bad Thinking, we present to you this wretched wreck of a column by Forbes contributor Chris Conover, titled "Because Of Obamacare, Illegal Immigrants Get Taxpayer-Financed Care." It's a pretty impressive bit of sputtering about a...
on earth as it is in heaven

Walmart Ordered To Re-Hire Striking Workers, Dignity And Respect Still Optional

Hey Walmart, what's good?! It's been like two whole weeks since we saw you were being a Big Dumb Walmart and bullying a former employee. Let's check in with our most infamous Corporate person and make sure it isn't...
That's it, moving to Canada.

Let’s Get Drunk On Republican Obamacare Tears, Together!

Ehrmagerd, the Surperm Curt upheard Abummacurr! This was not met on the right with universal approbation, although many Republicans were quietly breathing a sigh of relief that they won't have to reveal that their ready-to-implement fix was really just...
Dear God, will the terror never cease?

17 Million Newly Insured Americans Point And Laugh At Failed Obamacare

Try not to panic, but there's another study out showing that the number of people covered by the Affordable Care Act continues to grow, with nearly 17 million gaining coverage since 2013. Maybe Fox News can make a chart...
Everyone woman should have babies except not

Maine Republicans Want To Cure Infertility, Unless You Had A Disease In Your Filthy Vagina

Some fellas in the Maine legislature think it would be nice if health insurance covered infertility treatment for ladies what want to have babies but cannot. So the state's Republican Senate Majority Leader Garrett Mason has introduced S.P. 334,...
He has ideas too, you know

Marco Rubio Will Replace Obamacare With Obamacare (And Tax Cuts), Can Be Preznit Nao?

Pity poor Marco Rubio, the other young Republican senator with a fascinating story of his family escaping Cuba -- legally, like good immigrants, not those moocher scumbags who don't fill out all the paperwork -- so their son could...
Just gonna make America great again here

Arizona Wants To Help The Poors By Taking Away Their Medicaid

Arizona's new Republican governor, Doug Ducey, sure is in a hurry to undo all the socialism the state's previous radical liberal Marxist Obama-lovin' governor, Jan "Judas" Brewer, did when she was still in charge of the place. The state's Republicans...
Obamacare. It's fetch.

GOP Shockingly Silent On Awesome Obamacare Numbers, Huh!

 The open enrollment period for getting some delicious, socialist (haha not socialist) Obamacare ended on February 15, so if you were planning to enroll and didn't, you are out of luck, so sorry. But if you are one of...

Obamacare Fails To Ruin Another Person’s Life And Fox News Is ON IT

How is Obamacare ruining your life today? Fox News host Tucker Carlson thinks that he knows how Obamacare is ruining your life if you live in Colorado, let's see if he is correct! Colorado's health care exchange, Connect for Health...
Good evening, Des Moines!

Scott Walker Addresses People Of Iowa? New Hampshire? Wait. Wisconsin? Yeah, Wisconsin

It’s a new year, which means government executives all over the country are in the midst of self-congratulatory presentations of cherry-picked accomplishments and passive-aggressively reading lists of future demands. It’s mostly trite and zzzzzzzz but some of them are...
Connect the dots, sheeple!

Terrible Elite Westside Jerks Now Giving Mickey Mouse Measles

Disneyland: it's the Most Magical Place on Earth. So magical that among recent attendees, at least 19 have been diagnosed with measles, a disease much of the planet had essentially eradicated. Despite last week's nice time about public schools' ability to...

With No Other Problems In Sight, GOP Will Spend 2015 Fighting Obamacare

Welcome to 2015, Republicans! With the changing of the year, we assume you'll be turning over a new leaf, looking toward the future and leaving behind the petty bickering and toddler-like tantrums that characterized 2014. Ha ha, just kidding, of...