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If you’re done whining about High Overlord Fidel Hitler Obama shoving health care down your throat, let’s take a wee peek outside the United States and explore the lives of people. In some countries, instead of raining down health care, leaders are shelling their own populations with chemical weapons. Per the Washington Post: Horrific photos […]

You know how Republicans are so super for sure that if they keep voting to repeal Obamacare, it will work one of these days? Not the first time, sure, or the second time, or the third or fourth or fortieth, but eventually. Eleventeen might be the lucky number. WE DON’T KNOW. And in case that […]

Once upon a time, there was a nice man named Sergio Branco who lived in New Jersey with his wife and kids, working for a waste management company called Russell Reid on weekdays and hosting large barbeques for his family and friends on the weekends. Then one day, Russell Reid did not feel so well, […]

New Pope is making us happy again, Wonkeroos. He’s on a trip to Brazil where he is doing awesome New Popey things like riding in an open-air vehicle to be closer to the people, and actually walking into people’s homes to give them high-fives and stuff. The guy is goddam fucking just plain awesome.* And […]

Oh what joy spread across the desiccated carcass of the once-great British Empire and her former colonies yesterday with the most anticipated birth since that geeky weirdo, whathisname, knocked up that hot girl on “Friends.” There were hosannas and fireworks and countless terrible jokes tweeted out and posted on countless Facebook feeds. Here at the […]

America is Number One in everything. We are the bestest country on the goddam planet because we have huge dicks and trucknutz and guns everywhere and democracy and robot drones that kill whoever the fuck we want and Osama Bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive and Lee Greenwood and bald eagles and Honey […]

Baby-having time is a time of mixed emotions for most families. This is because they are excited about becoming parents (or becoming parents again, as the case may be), worried about preparing in time for the baby (or babies) and sad about the fact that Americans spend more per baby than just about any industrialized […]

All good Wonkiputians are aware that the GOP has spent five years branding itself as “The Party of No.” Since that hasn’t worked to stop the horror of gay people getting married or the communist tyranny of citizens having access to health insurance, the Republicans are now trying out a new slogan: The Party of […]

Did you know that Obamacare is the worst thing since the Holocaust and 9/11 made love and gave birth to the BENGHAZI and IRS scandal twins? But rather than keep their promise to replace Obamacare with some other mechanism for providing basic health care to people, the GOP is intent on utterly destroying all hopes […]

Siren! Siren! ALL CAPS!! Politico Breaking News Email!! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Extra! Extra! In a wild and spectacular vote, full of legislative twists and turns, with each side employing devastating knowledge of legislative procedure, the House of Representatives kept reporters, bloggers, and all 4 viewers of CSPAN sore from sitting on the edge of their […]

Months after the November election, conservatives are still wandering dazed through the cratered post-apocalyptic fever dream of an America they no longer recognize, one where a socialist tyrant somehow was democratically re-elected by a majority of voters to steal all the monies from the rich (2% of the population) and redistribute them to the poor […]

Anchor-baby Ted Cruz is kicking up a fuss again, because that is what he does. Cruz-fussing is the most awful boring fussing of all, both because we have to look at his sleepy-eyed no-chin face the whole time and because all he ever does is whine about Obamacare, and how since it is a whole […]

Happy birthday, President Nixon! He probably won’t see this, because he’s quite deceased and likely not a regular reader, but you will, and that’s almost as good. But while everyone struts around talking about Republican Dictator Dickie Nix and what a criminal he was, we’d like to remind you that he was more than that: […]

Among the city of Detroit’s multitude of problems is crime. Well, not crime so much as murder. The city of 700,000-ish averaged about one murder a day in 2012 even as officials claim crime overall fell. Just like on The Wire! Nothing shady about crime down/murders up statistics at all. But why is Detroit so […]

One of us! One of us! We never thought we’d see the day, but the Atlantic, fresh off a story kind of blaming workers for killing a company already in bankruptcy, has published a piece decrying the unfair distribution of American riches and arguing that Job Creators should maybe cough up some tip money so […]