health care town halls

  We’ve been waiting to write a headline like that for years! People are now EATING EACH OTHERS’ DIGITS over health care reform and other pieces of legislation and whatever that none of them probably understand.

The racists are getting so creative! Someone in an Obama mask, whipping an old man and a fetus. Apparently we missed *this* on our field trip to Reston, Virginia the other night; we fully apologize. [Slog]

See, there he is! Randall Terry, who is somewhere between 37 and 124 years old, brought his Anti-Babykilling World Tour to the peaceful Virginia money cave of Reston yesterday evening to disrupt Rep. Jim Moran’s health care town hall, also featuring Doctor Howard Dean of Ver-mont. He succeeded for about 5 minutes, but then the […]

Is this really what’s happening now? Snarling, hateful criminal Tom DeLay signs up to be a contestant on a teevee celebrity dance show, probably to pay his legal bills, and because he’s “in the news again,” cable news channels invite this well known lying mcliarton onto their shows to tell awful lies about current health […]

A PLEASURE TO WATCH  10:38 pm August 18, 2009


by Jim Newell

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. HEY, 1988 CALLED, IT WANTS ITS LAROUCHIES BACK. [YouTube]

Solid gold, gold, gold! (Except for the shitty local ad in the beginning — sorry!) This insane hell-woman at a town hall in Las Vegas overhears an Israeli man praising Israel’s national health care system, and says from afar, “HEIL HITLER!” Then she calls him gay for Obama and laughs like a baby when he […]

Plain-spoken adult human Claire McCaskill is setting the right tone here, about two notches down from, “Listen to me, clowns: those of you who are shouting about health care are *retarded.*” They are so scared of a single-payer health care system, like Medicare. IT TERRIFIES THEM! They cannot deal with the very thought of it! […]