health care reform

The New Republic has discovered what looks like a pretty neat bit of obstructionism aimed at slowing down and otherwise gum-uppening implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Now, this story is completely unrelated to the House’s constant efforts to wish the ACA into the cornfield, or to shut down the entire government to stop the […]

Are you guys all sad that Obamacare is dead dead dead? Your precious Kenyan Muslin Messiah has failed you like imaginary President4Life Palin told you he would! How is Bamz fucking up today? By bowing to the pressure of whinging from businesses with 51 or more employees who explained that if they had to give […]

So there is a lady who can’t work because she has kidney failure and is on dialysis 12 hours a day, and also she takes care of her aged mom, and her husband works only part time so he can take care of her! What a hard life that is, you guys; society, in the […]

Opiate-devouring Texas Gov. Rick Perry is joining his friends Bobby, Scott, Nikki, and Bat Boy in choosing to reject the federal government’s Medicaid expansion. He can do this thanks to the Supreme Court handiwork of Burkean minimalist St. John Roberts, whom all liberals must love and respect eternally for only gutting half of Obamacare for […]

Your Wonkette took this Kaiser Family Foundation online quiz about the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. AbortionCare, and hot dog, we scored a 10 out of 10. The money’s sure to trickle in now. And yet the overall results seem to show — get this — that there’s some confusion out there about what the law […]

This is not quite a Schimdtgasm… but then again, what is comparable to the funniest video of the year? Here’s Florida AG Pam Bondi, a lead plaintiff behind the health care reform case and, in general, one of America’s worst public officials, first hearing that the individual mandate was struck down. Gov. Bat Boy calls […]

“Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional.” Have a good weekend, Rand Paul! [Politico]

The Supreme Court will announce at 10 a.m. whether America is allowed to have health care ever again. Haven’t we gotten spoiled, America? We don’t need health care. What we need is more personal liberty to destroy ourselves and not pay for it. We need more of that. Let’s see what the naked Scalia monster […]

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, that guy who ended Dick Lugar’s liberal nuke-hating, being-polite-to-Obama political career, is now also “that guy” whose staff accidentally posted all of his response YouTubes to an important event from the future. In this case, the Supreme Court health care decision. They show us how Republicans will respond to any […]

Only a day or several days or a week until the Supreme Court saves America from the scourge of universal health care… or doesn’t? What’s for sure is that Justice Antonin Scalia is going to vote against it like a motherfucker, because he is a Tea Party Republican. You may recall how our nation’s foremost […]

Only another month or so until the great Supreme Court case of our time, Wingnuts vs. Concept of Health Care, comes to its anticlimactic or completely terrifying conclusion! Now, since there is a not-insignificant possibility that Justices Scalia et al. will drop the full-overturning, “I don’t see any problems with conservative mid-18th century conceptions of […]

Exciting news for any of you who hate medical care and socialism! The Republicans in Congress are working with America’s Next Top President Mitt Romney to coordinate a plan for what will be in their bills replacing Obamakkkare! The GOP took control of the House last year promising to “repeal and replace” Mr. Obama’s signature […]

Today is a very special day: It is Everyone Hates Mitt Romney Day! Only 34 percent of respondents were able to find enough pity in their hearts to muster a weary “sure” (he does try so hard) when asked whether they liked Mittens, according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll. BUT Mittens is still beating […]

Virginia Congressman Jim Moran was none too pleased when he heard about the ad shown above, which says “Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system. Go to hell Barack” and can be found in the Clarendon, Virginia Metro station. (Sorry if this post is “inside baseball,” since it involves the […]

Here is the new ultimatum people are putting to themselves: is it better to be in prison on a felony charge with some health care, or dead? Or put another way, “America 2011: crime or death.” 59-year-old delivery driver James Varone was not able to obtain medical treatment for a chest protrusion after losing his […]