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Remember that Michigan lady with leukemia, Julie Boonstra, who couldn’t afford her Obamacare insurance because it cost $500 less per month than her old plan that Obama personally death paneled? The one in the Americans for Plutocracy Prosperity ad? The one that Harry Reid spit on when she returned home from Vietnam? Well, you probably […]

Not that anyone will be knocked over with this particular feather, but let’s give a little cheer to Mitch McConnell for this bit of chootspah: “Five years later, the stimulus is no success to celebrate,” said the embattled Republican to the Associated Press, “It is a tragedy to lament.”* Of course, that tragic spending halted […]

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist would like to get that job back, please, and now that he is no longer a RINO and has gone Full Democrat, he is serious about sounding like it. Which is why he is accusing current Gov. Rick Voldemort of putting the Dark Mark on Florida’s Poors, by not expanding […]

So, y’all remember that vagina’d monologue from the lady who gave the official, not-in-Spanish GOP response to Dictator Obama’s State of the Union speechy thingy? Yeah, the one who seemed all sweet and stuff, until you listened to her words, which were fluff and boring, and apparently full of lies. Because when you are addressing […]

How is Sen. John McCain still being bitter about that time President Obama kicked his pasty white endangering-the-future-of-America-by-choosing-to-have-Sarah-Palin-be-one-old-as-fuck-cancerous-heartbeat-away-from-the-White-House ass today? No, it is not threatening to impeach the president right in the face; that was back in September, when McCain was all grrrrrrrrrrr at Obama for thinking about maybe giving him that war on Syria […]

Are you one of those idiots who wants to opt-out of health insurance because that will really show mean ol’ Obama he can’t stop you from freedom drowning in a freedom sea of freedom medical debt because freedom? (Put your hand down, Rep. Louie Gohmert, we already know you are A Idiot.) Well, here is […]

Don’t you just hate when The Gays try to use health care like they’re some kind of people who need health care? Michigan’s former state Rep. Dave Agema sure does. Who is this blowhole? Oh, just a derpsman for the Republican National Committee and also a former pilot, which makes him an automatic The Gays […]

Oh, Speaker John Boehner, you historically lazy sack of unnaturally orange suck. Even though you are in charge of the House of Representatives (sort of; let’s face it, everyone knows the teabaggers rule your world), you still haven’t found the time to edumacate yourself on how that whole Obamacare thingy actually works: “When you look […]

Congratulations, Mr. Weeper of the House John Boehner! No, not because you finally impeached Obamacare (because that is not actually something that will happen even though you have tried it eleventeen point four times). No, not because you finally got those wacky teabaggers to shut the hell up and stop hostaging America and let you […]

You already know about the hilarious and timely GOP videos parodying Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads that are timely and also hilarious! But what you don’t know is that the ads on the Republican National Committee’s website aren’t the only scripts that were written. Our Wonkette Special Investigative Team has uncovered the lost, unproduced scripts […]

Before you read this story, you may want to make sure you secure any heavy objects nearby, so that you won’t hurl them through your computer monitor. From the Philadelphia City Paper, just one more example of what happens when you make government small enough to drown in a bathtub: Children will die. Sixth-grader Laporshia […]

Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the fundamentals of our economy being strong (you know, except to everyone who was not John McCain and was all, like, Holy crisis, Batman, we are in economic meltdown!), President Obama spoke words on stuff, including that pesky Obamacare thingymabob that he probably will just defund his own self anyway, […]

Oh GAWD, nooooooooooo! Disaster! Catastrophe! Other words that mean bad stuff! This is terrible news: A leading health policy research organization reported “lower than expected” premiums for ObamaCare’s new insurance exchanges in a major study released Thursday. [...] “Fifteen of the eighteen rating areas we examined have premiums below this level, suggesting that the cost […]

Have you heard the one about how health care reform is the worst thing that ever happened to America (besides the gays, the feminists, the black dude in the White House, and birth control, obviously), and it is socialism and just like Hitler and will ruin freedom for everyone? OF COURSE YOU HAVE because it’s […]