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What Brave New Facts Are Falling From Ben Carson’s Broken Brain Into His Mouthhole?

Poor Ben Carson with the broken brain.

Deleted Comments: Demons Are Real. Elizabeth Warren Is Fake.

Demons are real, Elizabeth Warren is fake, and selfishness is empathy. Quite a load this week.

Donald Trump Intimidating Electoral College, OMG WE ARE FOR SHOCKED!

Would you expect any less from Thin-Skinned Hitler?

America Heals Wounds By Agreeing That CNN’s Jeff Zucker Totally Sucks

Did CNN's coverage of the 2016 election suck, or did it REALLY suck?


It's UNFAIR AND MEAN to point out that she ran a racist campaign, even though it's totally true.

Unemployment Drops Again, Trump Has Good Economy To Wreck! Your Wonkagenda For Friday, December 2, 2016

Kellyanne Conway can't stop crying, Trump's big league illegal immigration problem, and Webster's requests more words. Your daily news brief!
He gets cranky when he has the sniffles

Good News, Donald Trump Might Not Even Serve As President If He’s Elected!

In this constitutional scenario, the new president would be either Ivanka Trump or dead Ronald Reagan's corpse farts.
A historical documentary with Moar Dakka!

Stupid Michael Bay Benghazi Movie ’13 Hours’ Sorely Lacking In Giant Robots

According to rightwing bloggers having jizzspasms over Michael Bay's new Benghazi movie, 13 Hours is certain to sink Hillary Clinton's hopes of ever being president. But this loud, excessively long (two-and-a-half hours, Alan!) wargasm doesn't actually mention the former...
What you're SUPPOSED to do in boarding school.

Alleged Prep School Rapist Only Did It Because There Was A School Sex Contest, Probably

Oh, to be back at boarding school! Mumsy and Popsy would seldom visit, and even then, only to meet with the headmaster about which one of our family names would christen the new Humanities building. And what fun we...
Not what she said exactly but whatever!

Verified Jew Person Sarah Silverman Is Biggest Hitler Since Barack Obama

So many Hitlers in the news this week, so little time! Barack Obama is doing Hitler stuff by making a deal with Iran to try to keep them from getting a bomb, which is very different from Republicans' request of...
Please adjust your speaker settings if your computer can't handle the Dolby

House GOP Hearing On Science Uncontaminated By Any Scientists

In the great Republican tradition of white people telling black people what racism is, or congressional committees run by men setting policies on women's health, the Natural Resources Committee held a very important hearing on the politicization of science...
Too old for this shit.

The Snake Oil Bulletin Sifts Through The Pseudoscientific Dingleberries Of Dr. Mehmet Oz

Welcome back, pilgrims! It's good to see you've returned to your old friend the Snake Oil Bulletin, the weekly compendium of the latest horsepuckey to plop itself right here on our beloved interwebs. Now normally we focus on a smattering...
No more? No point

Harvard Won’t Let Professors Sex Up Undergrads Anymore, Unfair!

What is even the point of pursuing a career in Ivy League academia if you can't even screw your smokin' hot barely legal undergrad students anymore, huh? None that we can think of, certainly. The no-fun fascists at Harvard University...
Yeahhhhhhhh, you're gonna have to work anyway

Cool New Rules At The L.A. Times: No More Vacation Days, And You Can Never Be Sick Again

It's really hard to imagine that anyone could think this is a wise management decision: Starting January 1, staffers will no longer be able to bank vacation — because they won't automatically earn or be entitled to any vacation, sick...
When caffeine gets drowsy, it takes a little Joe Biden

Old Handsome Joe Biden Said Another Swear!

Prepare for some pissing and moaning, probably, over Old Handsome Joe Biden just being Old Handsome Joe Biden again: Thursday, at a Harvard event, His Handsomeness said a swear, kinda-sorta: “Isn’t it a bitch, I mean … that vice president...

Washed-Up Has-Been Newt Gingrich Tired Of Famous-For-Nothing Hillary Clinton Getting So Much Attention

Normally, we rely on our sister site, HappyNiceTimePeople.com, to cover people who are famous for being famous. But every now and then, some no-talent celebrity decides to wade into politics, despite a complete lack of resume and credentials, and...