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Horndog Alabama Governor Synced Extramarital Horndog Sexts To Wife’s iPad. Christ.

Nothing like a good old-fashioned sex scandal, with a governor who can't understand how to sneak around worth a crap.

Cops To Gamergate Victims: Call Back If You Get Shot

NEWSFLASH!!! Women harassed and threatened online!!! Law enforcement advises constant vigilance and voting in midterm elections.

The ‘Alt-Right’ Twitter Purge Explained With Cartoon Deer

A cartoon! You like cartoons!

Sorry, Hate-Crimers, You Can’t Use ‘Donald Trump Told Me To Beat Up Foreigns’ As A Defense

If you can't say Donald Trump inspired your hate crime, what has become of Justice?

Atrocious Gamergater/Alt-Right Blogger Takes Time Off From Harassing Women To Assault A Cop

Notorious troll Ethan Ralph faces up to five years in prison.

Gay Drunk Racist Tulsa Man Murders Lebanese Neighbor, Nothing To See Here

A Tulsa man has been charged with murdering his next-door neighbor because he was from Lebanon. Yes, in the USA in 2016.

Leslie Jones Is Black, Female, And In ‘Ghostbusters.’ Here Come A Thousand Racists With ‘Monkey’ Jokes

You know, because they are just like Lenny Bruce, except not funny.
At least this time it wasn't in a bag on fire

Russian Spies Pooped On U.S. Diplomat’s Carpet, Which Really Tied The Room Together Man

International relations took a gross turn this week: the Washington Post's Josh Rogin reports on a Russian campaign of harassment and intimidation against American diplomats in Moscow and eastern Europe. There's some pretty scary shit going on, from the...

After GQ Profile Of Melania Trump, Fans Send Writer Amusing Auschwitz Pics, Death Threats

So a couple days ago, GQ ran a profile of Melania Trump that portrayed her as a pretty smart woman (hinting that she's actually smarter than her husband) who's private, ambitious, and like Donald, astonishingly gifted at giving opaque...

Big Surprise: Bundy Militia Dildo Bros Loved To Intimidate Local Sheriffs

One of the biggest disappointments for the Bundy Militia Freedom Insurgents was, of course, their complete failure to rally the people of Oregon, or even of Harney County, to flock to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge to join their...
And to think, he seemed so stable.

Shooty Screamy Former Police Chief In Hoosegow For Simple Lady-Threatening Misunderstanding

Mark Kessler, the former police chief of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, and one of Yr Wonkette's favorite wingnut gun fondlers, has ended up pretty much where we thought he might when he first came to our attention back in 2013. (Then...
Wait, you mean repeatedly calling a school and asking them why they faked a massacre is a crime? Who knew?

Sandy Hook ‘Truther’ Arrested Just For Harassing Sandy Hook School Staff. How Is That Even Fair?

The New World Order Reptilian Overlords claimed another victim last week as brave Sandy Hook 'Truther" Timothy Rogalski was arrested Tuesday after leaving several harassing phone messages at the school's temporary new location in Monroe, Connecticut, accusing staff of...
I need no permission

New York Mets Allegedly Fire Lady Exec For Forming Babby Out Of Wedlock

A former executive for the New York Baseball Mets is suing Mets COO Jeff Wilpon for ALLEGEDLY firing her because she got preggers out of wedlock. Leigh Castergine was the head of the Mets' ticket sales office, and she...

Wisconsin Police Chief Takes Trolling Of Local Tea Party Leader To New, Harassy Levels

We've said it before: there's no politics dirtier than small-town politics. More massively evil, more expensive, sure, but for pure spite and awfulness it's pretty hard to beat small-town fights, at least outside of a university English department. Which...

Mean Ladies Bully Responsible Gun Owners Into Spitting On Them, Threatening To Rape And Kill Them, For Freedom

Here's a not-at-all nice story from Mother Jones about the lengths to which a whole bunch of Responsible Second Amendment Advocates have harassed and threatened women who have called for limitations on gun ownership. We want to make it...