We’ve said it before: there’s no politics dirtier than small-town politics. More massively evil, more expensive, sure, but for pure spite and awfulness it’s pretty hard to beat small-town fights, at least outside of a university English department. Which brings us to the saga of Police Chief Timothy Kelemen of the town of Campbell, Wisconsin, […]

Here’s a not-at-all nice story from Mother Jones about the lengths to which a whole bunch of Responsible Second Amendment Advocates have harassed and threatened women who have called for limitations on gun ownership. We want to make it clear that we don’t think all gun fondlers are misogynist assholes, of course; MoJo writer Mark […]

So it looks like Yr Doktor Zoom has landed on the Comix Beat today, what with that funnybook review we did earlier, and then a story about unoriginal cartoon character Allen West, and now this bizarre story about a gender discrimination suit against the co-CEO of Archie Comics. The Universe is sending a message, and […]

And now, for something completely different: Our first story this morning looked at a rightwing website’s million-word “investigation” of the time a guy who photographs naked ladies also took some pictures of Barack Obama. By way of contrast, let’s see what some actual old-fashioned investigative journalism can accomplish: with any luck, it might make a […]

It is an intractable and inviolable part of the Boy Scouting Code (which is in Comic Sans on someone’s old Compaq) that gays and lesbians cannot serve in any Scouting capacity, because they will convince small children that it’s okay to watch Bravo more than they already do. However, Robert White of Milford, Connecticut, was […]

What happens to our former scribes when they leave the fairest pastures of Your Wonkette for the “real world”? Some of them go to Time, some start cults in the desert, some come back to Wonkette for additional “funnin’ on the Internet.” Everyone else just gets yelled at by Donald Trump after writing funny insults […]

There’s important new polling data about the power-worshiping misogynists who make up the Republican base: It doesn’t matter if Herman Cain constantly used his executive job as a way to sexually harass all the women unfortunate enough to have to work for him. Doesn’t matter a bit! Herman Cain is still the greatest Republican candidate […]

Even though we attended The Week‘s Opinion Awards with David Brooks a few months back and very much looked forward to making pleasant conversation with him over the lobster thermidor, we got stuck in the back with some old gents who did not believe anybody could blog “for a living.” But if we had sat […]

You anti-American homosexual Muslim book-skimming ACORNs have taken YET ANOTHER perfectly good & respectable website — this one designed to thank George W. Bush for the various wars and contracting economies — and ruined it with your filthy jokes about butts and poop. The site’s webmaster is now having to scrub your PUERILE CRAP petition […]

THEY ARE VULNERABLE  6:16 pm November 11, 2008

by Jim Newell

WE’RE IN THIRD: We’re in third second place to take over the GOP, and since Paultard ideas don’t count, we’re really in first. But keep voting! MUSH, MUSH. [Rebuild The Party]

Oh YOU GUYS. Have we all contributed our ten votes to this thing yet? The Paultards have at least the top four leading suggestions. Vote more, you ACORNS! [Rebuild The Party]