Besides Bride Wars, Junkyard Wars and Star Wars, my favorite military engagements are burger wars. Lucky for me, and unlucky for dignity, there are actual adults currently waging a burger war in the heart of Dupont Circle, a really sort of fine part of town that idiot teabaggers call a “gay area.” Lawyers are mad […]

The angry lawyers at the law firm Steptoe & Johnson actually SUED the Dupont Circle hamburger shop Rogue States because the alleged smell of burning dead animal was wafting up from the restaurant into the firm’s offices, making the lawyers sick and distracting them from doing whatever the remaining employed lawyers do with their billable […]

After teasing you with a photo of Obama and a post about Medvedev’s Twitter account, it’s time we finally acknowledge the BIG POLITICS NEWS of the day: President Obama took Russian President Medvedev to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington for lunch. You of course remember the top political story of last year, Obama taking Biden […]

America’s most mysterious animal-disease mad-scientist Military Laboratory, the secret fear factory known as Plum Island, is shutting down and moving to Kansas. Why would a highly secure (?) facility that studies livestock diseases on a remote isle move to the absolute center of the American livestock industry, where one loose spore of Manufactured Anthrax-AIDS-Cancer-Foot & […]

Oh look, news, Barack Obama ate another hamburger today. Here is eight minutes of Barack Obama ordering hamburgers. He gets jalapenos on his hamburger. Oh my god, he must be in La Raza. Ha ha, hopefully that Ivy League professor will go nuts again. This is kind of exciting, though. Your Wonkette, along with every […]

FOREVER THE IDIOT  2:55 pm May 6, 2009

by Sara K. Smith

NBC READER COMMENT OF THE DAY: Turns out that when you write a post speculating that Obama visited the hamburger store yesterday to distract the public and media from a top-secret mission to bomb Canada or outlaw the mongoose, some people don’t get the joke. “What kind of right-wing extremist are you, Sara. Statements from […]

The biggest political news of the day is that Barack Obama and Joe Biden made local traffic more miserable than usual because they were stoned (for Cinco de Mayo) and wanted rich-people hamburgers at a gourmet junk food restaurant in Northern Virginia. “Oh my God I love that we have a cool president who just […]