A racist nutjob prankster in Brooklyn thought Halloween-tyme would be the perfect occasion to hang a black dummy from a city tree by a noose and hope everyone would pass off a creepy lynching as a spooky “scarecrow,” for laffs and racism. HAR HAR? No, black residents were mysteriously not entertained by the joke, and […]

The fringe end of the Jesus people spectrum is still sore about the unholy existence of patron witch-saint Christine O’Donnell’s annual demonic pagan sex party “Halloween,” so they are heroically promoting a hilarious/doomed Internet campaign to put the “Jesus” back in “Ween” this October 31st. Everyone celebrate “Jesus Ween,” for the kids! Oh sure, it […]

Today, most of America’s children are happily sedated from an all-night candy binge conditioning exercise. They are taking their giant pillowcases of winnings to school and bragging about who scored more free Snickers bars, because that is the meaning of Freedom. But this is not the case for the children who were subjected to a […]

Happy Halloween! Did you take advantage of the one day on which you can worship Satan and pass out razor blade candy, without feeling the least bit guilty? Well that’s very comforting, because possibly thousands of small children attended a White House Halloween veggie potluck, and it was probably the worst night of their young […]

The Wonkette copy desk alerts us that rumors on the Twitter suggest the Wonkette Halloween Nightwhore Party is going about as you’d expect.

All the details are right here! Do not forget! It starts in an hour, basically — so get your ladybug costume and witch hat and run to the Big Hunt in Dupont.

By the Comics CurmudgeonHooray, Tuesday will be the election, for real! Then we won’t ever have to worry about politics ever again, at least until mid-January, when Speaker Boehner orders us all to be rounded up and put in camps for “security purposes.” But until then, here is a fun cutting-edge political observation for you: […]

Rejoice, Wonketeers, for Halloween is nearly upon us! In keeping with the spirit of this sexy witch-burning holiday, Wonkette World o’ Books is going to try something a bit different this week. Instead of reviewing one shameful/inept book, we’ll simply recommend a few different books, none of them explicitly about politics but all helpful in […]

Would you look at that, it’s time for Halloween. Perhaps you are putting the finishing touches on your Sexy Sarah Palin/Tina Fey Costume, or is that not *in* this year? So maybe you’re going to dress up as the BP Oil Spill? Or a failed mortgage? Or maybe you’ve chosen some other semi-political witty Concept, […]

Who is mackin’ on Christine O’Donnell here in this crappy bar somewhere with Philadelphia Eagles posters on the fake paneling? Why is she rocking the “sexy insect” costume? Didn’t she know Halloween is for Witches? Well, whatever masturbating happened on this night was of the “mutual” variety, according to the anonymous author of this Gawker […]

Ohio Republican YOUNG GUN (middle-aged white man) congressional candidate Rich Iott is well-known now for the revelation that he likes to spend all his free time wearing Nazi costumes and prancing around pretending to be a Nazi. So obviously no Republican leader would appear in public with this man, correct? WRONG. John Boehner is showing […]

Will you be “in town” this weekend, maybe on Friday night? Well then you are invited to Wonkette’s first annual Halloweenie Whore Benefit, which is actually just a bar night we’re throwing together — and there is a Costume Party, too, so all you ladies have another chance to wear that “Christine O’Donnell Witch on […]

Happy Halloween, America! So what are you going to come as to our blog costume party next week (which is back ON), Wonketteers? The lynched figure wearing a white yokel’s old work clothes or the giant KKK salt shaker? Both are obvious winners. [Raw Story via Wonkette operative "Monsieur Grumpe"]

Delaware masturbation witch and constitutional scholar Christine O’Donnell finally did another teevee interview! It is super boring, but we’ll post it just in case you (like most Americans) have a lot of time on your hands. Better to watch a dull ABC News interview with jobless sex activist Christine O’Donnell rather than let your idle […]

What, you didn’t make enough money from your million-dollar book deals, Mr. Spender-in-chief? Police said a man wearing a mask of President Barack Obama robbed the Sheetz on Somerset Center Drive at about 3:24 a.m. on Wednesday. Police said the man, who was armed with a handgun, demanded money and left after he was given […]